Rust Belt Behind-the-Scenes

Click through more photos from the Rust Belt in the Behind-the-Scenes Slideshow.

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My wife's Aunt Andreana puts the homemade ravioli on. 960 1280


The work day almost over -- where Zach, Todd and crew can sit down with the family and eat. 960 1280


Zach demonstrates the Zamboni3000 porto-steadi-cam rig. He made it himself out of tin foil and an old erector set. 960 1280


What Sardinia looks like: birds on a skewer by an open fire. 960 1280


Producer Alex Lowry with a bunny for my daughter (NOT dinner). 960 1280


Zach cooks slowly to death, shooting a long scene in front of a roasting fire. 960 1280


My wife's "Is this a good idea?" look. 960 1280


Anthony Bourdain in conversation. 960 1280

Jared Andrukanis  

A colorful alleyway in Sri Lanka. 960 1280

Jared Andrukanis  

Tony enjoys a bite on the road. 960 1280

Jared Andrukanis  

Get right in there! 960 1280

Jared Andrukanis  

Street full of cars and tut-tuts. 960 1280

Jared Andrukanis  

Tony in a tut-tut. 960 1280

Jared Andrukanis  

Todd and Jerry film Tony digging into a meal. 960 1280

Jared Andrukanis  

Dog sitting in front of a shrine. 960 1280

Jared Andrukanis  

Tony and Tom waiting at the train station. 960 1280

Jared Andrukanis  

Tony's reflection in a train window. 960 1280

Jared Andrukanis  

Tony and Skiz shoot the breeze. 960 1280

Jared Andrukanis  

Cameraman Zach Zamboni with his newest homemade device -- the gyro-cam, hanging in a car door. 960 1280


I contemplate the mysteries (and terrors) of the "Completo," a giant-sized hot dog buried in guacamole and mayonnaise. 960 1280


Rennik "pulls a Lakshmi" with his Completo. Here seen just prior to hose-down. 960 1280


Our helicopter-borne camera platform comes in very low while me and the guide try to keep our horses from freaking out. 960 1280


Todd assembles his equipment at the end of the shoot while I "conceptualize" for next season. 960 1280


Chile Journal  5 Photos


Todd shoots West Bawlmer in the rain. 960 1280


With Felicia "Snoop" Pearson and producer Alex Lowry. 960 1280


Zamir and Tony hit Detroit. 960 1280


The fabulous Buffalonian specialty, Beef on Weck. 960 1280


Todd demonstrates the "10-finger vibrating-hand beer-drinking technique" while modeling his stretch pants and knee pads. 960 1280


' before diving right into a viciously competitive game of featherbowling. 960 1280


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