Rust Belt Behind-the-Scenes

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A typical Azores meal: pork, pork and ' more pork. And fish. And rice -- with potatoes. Delicious, but slows you down. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Shot 2 similar meals back-to-back -- and as I'm eating, I'm thinking, "Delicious, but this is on the cutting room floor." 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Totally remote, no power, no running water, no TV, no phone ... gorgeous. Best meal of the trip but hairy getting there. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Green ' and mist. The Azores. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

I've given Tracey an unpleasant choice: take a shot of the local moonshine or do without me for the remainder. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

I tried to kill the geyser scene. Four hours spent feigning interest in water. See that look on my face? That's not love. 960 1280

Nari Kye  

Azores Journal  6 Photos

Anthony Bourdain on a tour of the Tom Tom Tamales Factory. 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

Wrapping Tom Tom Tamales. 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

Anthony Bourdain on the radio. 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

Tony tucks in to some lunch. 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

Anthony Bourdain goes fishing at sunset. 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

The crew gets some exterior shots before digging in to some homemade chili. 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

Two heads are better than one, right? 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

Bourdain and Muller eat the Three Little Pigs, one of the best sandwiches either of them has ever had. 960 1280


The crew gets fancy with a car hood camera. 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

Anthony Bourdain and his new fishermen friends from Calumet Fisheries. 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

Tony lurks behind some smoked fish at Calumet Fisheries. 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

Anthony Bourdain chats with Burt, owner of Burt's Place (deep-dish pizza restaurant). 960 1280

Diane Schutz  

Tony takes a stroll amongst giant banana leaves. 960 1280


Zach and Tom shoot Gong and Tony on the water. 960 1280


Zach shoots Buddha statues. 960 1280


Eric and Tony relax. 960 1280


Overhead shot of people eating by the canoe vendors. 960 1280


Noodle dish. 960 1280


Tony has lunch at an open-air restaurant. 960 1280


Tony and Eric by the ring. 960 1280


Tony gets ready to scoot around for the day. 960 1280


Zach ready to shoot backwards on the scooter. 960 1280



Todd shoots West Bawlmer in the rain. 960 1280


With Felicia "Snoop" Pearson and producer Alex Lowry. 960 1280


Zamir and Tony hit Detroit. 960 1280


The fabulous Buffalonian specialty, Beef on Weck. 960 1280


Todd demonstrates the "10-finger vibrating-hand beer-drinking technique" while modeling his stretch pants and knee pads. 960 1280


' before diving right into a viciously competitive game of featherbowling. 960 1280


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