Tony's Ukraine Photo Journal

Tony's favorite photos from his trip to Ukraine with Zamir.

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Tony sits casually, among many deer heads on the wall, as Bob Sealey works with a bear head and pelt on his desk. 960 1280


Jim Harrison at his kitchen table, trying to get used to the cameras in his face. 960 1280


Tony talks with Russell Chatham in his studio. 960 1280


Tony tugs at the suspenders of his high-water suit as he prepares to go fly-fishing. 960 1280


Dan Lahren's fishing ties collection. 960 1280


The breathtaking landscape of Montana. 960 1280


Tony stands on the balcony of his hotel room overlooking the parking lot. 960 1280


Tony and Brian Menges cook something up on the grill. 960 1280


Tim Bowers in cowboy hat and leather chaps, sits on a fallen tree in front of the fire. 960 1280


Zach Zamboni dressed in camera accessories, balances his camera on his shoulder in front of the Old Saloon. 960 1280


Tony and Zamir walk along the industrial landscape of Detroit. 960 1280


Zach pulls focus as a man holds an umbrella over him. 960 1280


Tony, Zamir and John walk down the snow-covered streets of Detroit. 960 1280


Tony on a street of abandoned houses in Baltimore. 960 1280


Close-up of Buffalo's infamous beef on weck sandwich. 960 1280


Snoop and Tony have a meal at Mo's in Baltimore. 960 1280


Todd shoots Tony's turn at featherbowling in Detroit. 960 1280


Zach, Alex and Todd shoot while Tony, Zamir and 2 men eat in Detroit. 960 1280


A row of abandoned and boarded homes in Baltimore. 960 1280


Tony checks out the San Francisco skyline. 960 1280


Tony and Arecely Garza sit down to enjoy some tacos. 960 1280


Tom, Mo, Zach and Jared prep on the back of truck for shoot. 960 1280


Tony in his Mustang. Mo in the backseat. 960 1280


Oscar Villalon and Tony share a meal at Tadich Grill. 960 1280


Chris, Lance and Tony at the Absinthe distillery. 960 1280


Absinthe in beaker, glasses and bottles. 960 1280


Zach shoots Michael Black prepping sushi. 960 1280


A Michael Black creation. 960 1280


Tony eats a dish by the bay. 960 1280


San Fran BTS  10 Photos


After several years, Tony finally landed in Cuba. 960 1280


Anthony Bourdain visits a local butcher in Havana. 960 1280


Tony at Puerto de Sagua, a vintage bar in Havana. 960 1280


Tony and chef Jose Andres chat over prawns outside of Catalonia, Spain, during the production of the No Reservations elBulli episode. 960 1280


A "family" meal at elBulli with Tony, chef Ferran Adria (right of Tony) and Jose Andres (across from Tony). 960 1280


Tony explores a quiet alley in an older part of downtown Macau. 960 1280


Tony takes the ultimate dive -- bungee jumping off Macau Tower. 960 1280


Tony with Jeffrey Ng in Macau. 960 1280


Tony is stoked to try this margherita pizza at Pizzeria Pellone in Naples. 960 1280


A bustling side street in Naples. 960 1280


Tony enjoys a bottle of amaro in the Almafi coast town of Cetara, Naples. 960 1280


11 Photos

Anthony Bourdain gets a head start on his amuse-bouche at Le Comptoir. 960 1280


A gorgeous shot of Paris at sundown. 960 1280


Tony and chefs Yves Camdeborde and Frederic Conne converse over the cheese plate at Le Comptoir. 960 1280


A close-up of an amuse-bouche featuring beef carpaccio, fava beans, peas and anchovies at Le Chateaubriand. 960 1280


From left, Thierry Marx, Eric Ripert and Tony talk Parisian gastronomy at Les Cocottes. 960 1280


Tony and Eric enjoy a leisurely stroll through Paris. 960 1280


Tony and Eric visit Hugo Desnoyer Boucherie. 960 1280


A box full of oysters is put on display at Rue Mouffetard, Paris' original open-air market. 960 1280


Zach Zamboni's version of multitasking -- filming while holding a cigarette. 960 1280


From left, Joël Robuchon, Eric and Tony at Le Papillon. 960 1280


What you see is what you get. A couple of cow heads at the Vaderin Triperie. 960 1280


13 Photos
Tony drinking wine

Tony drinking wine

Tony attempting to master the art of drinking from a porron while chef Jose Andres looks on. 960 1280


Crew eating at El Bulli

Crew eating at El Bulli

The crew eats in the back driveway at El Bulli. 960 1280


Local prawns

Local prawns

Local red prawns for Jose's Suquet, a traditional Catalan seafood stew. 960 1280


Kitchen staff at El Bulli

Kitchen staff at El Bulli

The kitchen staff at El Bulli meticulously working. 960 1280


Palm sunday

Palm sunday

Palm Sunday procession in the Hospitalet area of Barcelona. 960 1280


Jose Andres

Jose Andres

Jose attempts to start the broken-down van' 960 1280


Crew pushing the van

Crew pushing the van

'while the crew pushes it to the side of the road' 960 1280


Tony directing traffic

Tony directing traffic

'and Tony directs traffic. 960 1280


Crew with the locals

Crew with the locals

The crew poses with the locals. 960 1280


Tony and Jose

Tony and Jose

Tony and Jose show off their mini-golf skills. 960 1280


Jamon at a tapas bar

Jamon at a tapas bar

Jamon hangs along the wall at Al Andalus, a tapas bar in Barcelona. 960 1280


El Bulli staff

El Bulli staff

The El Bulli staff gathers for a meeting. 960 1280


Tony and Jose

Tony and Jose

Tony and Jose eat snails at an outdoor dinner party. 960 1280


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