Top 10 No Reservations Moments

Anthony Bourdain and the crew have been traveling for nearly 8 years and during that time they've laughed, cried and laughed some more.


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Truly, the King of dogs -- outside Chicago, anyway. 960 1280


The crew shoots Tony enjoying a hot dog on 86th Street in Manhattan. 960 1280


Tony takes a papaya break before shooting the next scene. 960 1280


Kira Kelly films a halal stand called Brother's Halal operated by Gamal Muhamed in Manhattan. 960 1280


Tony samples the food at the Brother's Halal stand. 960 1280


Tony demonstrates the mobility of street food. 960 1280


Tony ponders his next line in Spanish Harlem on Lexington Avenue between 102nd and 103rd Streets in Manhattan. 960 1280


Alan shoots close-ups of Tony eating in Spanish Harlem. 960 1280


Tony eats tacos on Lexington Avenue in Spanish Harlem. 960 1280


Adam films tight on Tony's feet for takeaway shots to use later in the show. 960 1280


Extravaganza of duck and Hanoi vodka with Linh in Dalat. 960 1280


Small "woodland creatures." Not, I am assured, "Squeasel" (porcupine). 960 1280


M'nong village in the central highlands. 960 1280


Hanoi and, yes, there's a dead bird in that whiskey. 960 1280


Birds for breakfast? 960 1280


Producer Tom Vitale walks the line between too peppy and relaxed: self-medicating with alternate swigs of coffee and beer. 960 1280


Zamboni on the bridge. 960 1280


A heroic Todd Liebler shot. Useful for screen savers! 960 1280


Scott Conant shows us how to make tomato sauce. 960 1280


PERFECTLY sauced pasta. THIS is how you do it! 960 1280


Laurent Tourondel demonstrates how to make a perfect hamburger. 960 1280


The legendary Jacques Pepin makes an omelet. 960 1280


Dave Pasternak with lobster friend. 960 1280


Thomas Keller "approaches" a chicken. 960 1280


Boeuf Bourguignon at Les Halles. 960 1280