A Song for the Ride

A singing trio needs a touring RV and two fashion designers hit the road.

Triple Trade-In

RV bloggers need a new ride, demolition derby promoters need an upgrade and a family of 5 seeks closeness on the road.

Bombshells Away

A band wants a green room on wheels and makeup artists need a trailer for weddings and events.

King of the Road

Two artists want a masterpiece and an Elvis impersonator needs a King RV.

Daredevils and Dirt Bikes

A family needs to haul all their toys and a circus troupe seeks muscle.

Champagne Budget, Beer Taste

Tailgaters want to roll up in style, some BFFs need weekend wheels and a family trades up.

The Best for the Beasts

Recently retired corrections officers Kathy and Trenton Brewton are upgrading to a larger Class A coach with more horsepower and extra living space. They arrive at Lazydays in Tampa and meet with RV expert Anthony Smith to find out if they can get everything they want with their $250,000 budget. Anthony takes the Brewtons to see the $303,000 2015 Fleetwood Discovery, and it makes a great first impression. Trenton loves the spacious shower and 380 horsepower engine. But Kathy prefers more closet space and wishes the unit came with bunk beds. Next, they look at the 2015 Winnebago Forza priced within their budget at $230,000. Kathy loves the fireplace, bunk beds and ample storage space in the bedroom. But Trenton thinks the shower space is a tight squeeze and isn't happy with the 340 horsepower engine. In Tucson empty nesters Joe and Bonnie Stevens just sold off their internet business and are ready to cash in on the RV lifestyle. The Stevens have a budget of $600,000 and want to purchase a Class A coach with the ultimate luxury package. They arrive at Lazydays where they're paired up with RV expert Joe Mathews. First, Joe takes the Stevens to see the 2015 American Coach Revolution priced at $408,000. They love the spacious interior and sleek design features. And the induction cooktop in the kitchen gives Bonnie the feeling of home. But the bathroom doesn't have a double vanity so it may be a deal breaker. So Joe takes the Stevens to look at the 2015 Entegra Cornerstone. The kitchen has the pullout counter Bonnie wanted along with the double vanity. But at a cost of $638,347 - Joe doesn't seem too keen on going over budget. International equestrian clinician Caroline Rider and her husband Kurt Beste are shopping for a spacious trailer for their horse training business. They need a trailer with space for four horses and comfortable living quarters that fits within their $200,000 budget. They arrive at the Lazydays in Tampa and meet up with RV expert Chris Mullis. Chris takes them to see the 2008 4-Star Trailer, priced under-budget at $85,000. Caroline loves the beautiful copper and leather accents. Kurt loves the design touches in the bathroom. But they were disappointed the trailer only had 3 stalls in back. So Chris decides to show the couple the 2010 Foretravel Conversions Twister priced at $130,000. Kurt and Caroline love the high-end, spacious interior. The trailer also comes equipped with the 4 stalls they need and the added bonus of a camera feature so they can monitor the horses anytime. But all this luxury and convenience comes with a catch. They would have to upgrade to a truck with higher tow capacity, pushing the total cost to $235,000 if they decide to upgrade to the truck and trailer package. Kathy and Trenton Brewton have a tough decision to make. After they discuss what settling into retirement means, the couple decides to treat themselves and pick the Fleetwood Discovery. Over in Tucson, Joe and Bonnie Stevens are weighing the pros and cons of the Revolution versus the Cornerstone Entegra. In the end, they decide to purchase the Entegra because it has the best, high-end features. Caroline Rider and Kurt Beste really love all the amenities in the Foretravel Conversion Twister. But it requires spending more than they intended. Overall, there was only one option that has everything they need, so Caroline and Kurt pick the Twister.

Triple-Queen Size

In Tucson, Brittany Briley, Stephanie Cortes and Zoe Anderson are looking to upgrade their traveling performance act, Cirque Root, out of their run-down school bus and into a coach with a spacious bathroom, storage and large living area to practice their routines. They meet up with RV expert Jeff Vonvai to see how much space their $200,000 will afford. First Jeff takes the circus performers to see the Thor Motor Coach Tuscany, equipped with 3 vanity mirrors and 3 slides. The women are very pleased with the excellent ceiling height, spacious bathroom and king size bed fit for the three ladies. But at a cost of $287,315, they want to see something closer to their budget. So next they look at the $169,651 American Tradition by American Coach. When they try to perform one of their acts in the living space, the area is tighter than the Thor Tuscany. The bathroom area has two separate vanities but it's a smaller space, so they're not sure if it will fit their needs. The Gettig family has come to the Lazydays in Tampa to meet up with RV expert Anthony Smith to shop for an RV they can take on fishing adventures. With a budget of $100,000, both parents Chris and Beth are in agreement that their daughter Taylor wears the pants in the family. The Gettigs are looking for a Class C RV with extra sleeping areas for Taylor and her friends-Beth wants bunk beds but Chris thinks they're too much like coffins. Anthony takes the family to see the $114,000 Fleetwood Storm. Chris loves the exterior "bling, bam" factor and Beth is excited about the bunk beds. But Chris worries that the Storm may have too many sleeping areas so next they look at the less expensive, $86,000 Fleetwood Southwind. Even though the living area has room to sleep six, Beth wishes the Southwind had bunk beds. Entreprenuers Stephen Pratten and Amanda Anseeuw have come to Lazydays in search of an RV with enough muscle power to tow construction machinery and trailers for their commercial auction business. They're paired up with RV expert Livorno Williams to see how much space their $250,000 budget will allow. When Livorno takes the couple to see the 2015 Dynamax DX3, they can hardly contain their excitement over the exterior black and silver paint job. The granite countertops in the kitchen and skylight shower in the master bath continue to impress the couple. The DX3 also has the tow capacity they need, but Stephen isn't comfortable with the $309,000 price tag. So next they look at the 2012 Dynamax Dynaquest, priced under budget at $242,000. Stephen and Amanda hate the beige exterior color and think the interior space is cramped. Livorno offers to sweeten the deal by allowing the couple to swap out some of the furnishings and wrap the exterior with their company logo. Once Stephen and Amanda realize the pros of being able to customize a coach to their tastes and stay within their budget, they both agree that the Dynamax Dynaquest is the best choice for their business. Beth really wants to go over budget for the bunk beds and interior design of the Fleetwood Storm. But Chris manages to convince Beth that the Southwind has better features and an even better price tag, so the Gettig family picks the Fleetwod Southwind for their future outdoor fishing adventures. Back in Tucson the Cirque Root team is facing the tough dilemma of going way over budget for the Tuscany, which has everything they need and want or for the less thrilling American Tradition. Brittany, Stephanie and Zoe reach the conclusion that anything is an upgrade from their traveling school bus days and decide to stick their budget and pick the American Tradition.

Road Warriors and Ruff Riders

The Pink family arrives at Lazydays in Tampa to upgrade to a larger, used Class A RV. With a $50,000 trade-in, their budget is $250,000. Husband Dean wants enough horsepower to tow heavy equipment on their farm back home, wife Lucia wants a larger living area and son Steven is looking for a comfortable bed to fit his large frame. The Pinks have also brought along their show dog Stark, who's here to give his seal of approval. They meet up with Lazydays RV Expert Mark Young who takes them to see the $190,000 2014 Winnebago Forza. At 6'6", Dean likes the ceiling height but needs more than a 340 horsepower engine. Hairstylist Charles McCormack is planning to expand his business with an RV that he can drive to hair shows around the country. But first he needs to figure out if he can even handle one. He meets up with driving instructor Jon Gold at the Lazydays parking lot in Tucson to test drive a truck and trailer and a Class A RV. Charles is off to a rough start, hitting several cones and is slow to respond to Jon's instructions. Jon tries to get Charles to relax and he goes through the obstacle course again. This time Charles does a complete 180º and passes. But passing the first test doesn't stop him from feeling anxious when it's time to test drive the Class A RV. Road warriors Kimberly Reddick and Craig Hall are in the market for a sleek toy hauler that matches their style. Kimberly wants a large kitchen and enough sleeping space for family trips. Craig wants a huge garage to house his bike. Kimberly keeps bringing up their $90,000 budget but Craig prefers not to focus on the "b" word in their trailer search. They're paired with Lazydays RV Expert Dannette Hernandez, who shows the couple the "mack daddy" of toy haulers - the 42-foot Grand Design Momentum. The kitchen, large garage and "spoonability" of the queen-sized bed are a big hit until Kimberly hears the $105,000 price tag. So they look at the $75,500 Forest River XLR Viper as an under budget alternative. The couple is impressed with the exterior paint job but the excitement stops once they see the tight living space. Kimberly and Craig decide to have another talk about the "b" word. Kimberly and Craig weren't happy with the cramped living space in the XLR Viper and after much debate; they agree to stretch their budget for the Grand Design Momentum. Hairstylist Charles was nervous about test driving the Class A RV but he surprises himself and instructor Jon when he passes without any hiccups, so now he's free to start his new venture. When Mark shows the Pink family the $209,000 2014 Fleetwood Discovery they instantly fall in love with the 380 horsepower engine, two recliners and extra sleeping areas. Show dog Stark felt right at home so the RV passes the "Stark test." The Pink family purchases the Fleetwood Discovery and after a month of traveling on the road for Stark's dog competitions they are still extremely happy with their decision.

Two Hippies and a Cowboy

First time RVers Peter and Meredith Kosmoski have come to Lazydays in Tampa with their daughter Piper to find an RV big enough to house their weekend toys they use for outdoor adventures. They meet with RV expert Tracy "Bama" Elliot to see how much storage space they can get with their $170,000 budget. First the young family looks at the 2015 Tiffin Allegro, a customer favorite. Peter and Meredith like the interior storage space but wish it came with a garage to haul their gear. So next Tracy takes them to see the 2015 Forest River Catalyst, priced at $97,000. Peter and Meredith are instantly impressed the moment they step inside the trailer. Meredith loves the floor plan and Peter is in awe of the amenities, especially the garage space. But this would require the couple to purchase a pickup truck, which is something they hadn't considered. Carter Williams is a road-weary cowboy who has grown tired of staying in motels and is looking to buy an RV large enough to house his rodeo crew. He also needs extra horsepower to tow his equipment and horse trailer. Carter is paired up with Lazydays RV Specialist Mike Sloan to see what he can get with his $200,000 budget. Mike takes Carter to see the 2015 Class B Pleasure-Way Pursuit. It's on the low end of his budget at $110,000, but turns out to be low on Carter's needs list. He likes the interior design but the shower, queen bed and driver's seat leave him feeling claustrophobic. So next they look at the $189,000 2008 Bloomer Horse Trailer. It's a combination of living quarters in the front, horse trailer in the back. Carter loves the four-horse capacity and hay bins in the trailer but gets even more excited when he sees the sleeping areas in the living quarters. The trailer sleeps five, and he has enough headroom to walk around comfortably. For Carter the choice is obvious and he picks the Bloomer Horse Trailer. Hippies John and Terry O'Brien enjoy traveling to film and music festivals in their 60s flower power van, but the space is tight, and they're in the market to upgrade for modern amenities. They meet with Lazydays RV veteran Steve Mularz to see the options available in their $50,000 budget. Steve goes overboard and takes the couple to see the 2015 Winnebago Brave, which is double the cost of their budget. Terry thinks the outside looks like an ice cream truck. But John loves the spacious interior and master bedroom but wishes it were a lot cheaper. Next Steve takes them to see the less expensive 2015 Forest River R-Pod priced under budget at $24,000. It's a step up from their shagging wagon, but the interior space is tight. They like the outdoor kitchen and entertainment feature, but John and Terry are torn on what's the best decision for their lifestyle. Terry likes the Forest River R-Pod but John doesn't want to go from one cramped space to another. Even though it's twice the size of their budget, the O'Briens pick the retro Winnebago Brave because it has the space and amenities they need. Peter and Meredith loved the features in the Tiffin Allegro and the Forest River Catalyst. But the Kosmoski's hadn't really considered buying a fifth wheel, so they decide to go with the Tiffin Allegro.

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