Andrew's 10 Favorite Bizarre Foods Dishes


Andrew recounts his most mouth-watering encounters of the Bizarre Foods kind.

10. Mixed Grilled Udders, Intestines and More: La Brigada (Buenos Aires)

I was brought into the kitchens at La Brigada and served a variety of grilled beef dishes. The meat literally melts in your mouth. I will never forget that meal. It was meat heaven.

9. Cuttlefish in Its Own Ink: Al Covo (Venice)

Cuttlefish ink makes for fantastic flavoring. It's delicately briny with the faintest hint of lemons. I can't get enough of the stuff. Cesare Benelli is one of the world's great chefs, and this dish captures the essence of Venice.

8. Pork Brain Tacos: Carnitas Kiko (Mexico)

Chopped pork brain with red-hot chilies, onions and cilantro. The brains are so creamy, it's just like meat butter.

7. Cajun Head Cheese: Cochon Butcher (New Orleans)
The best meat of any animal is in the face. Chef Don Link takes those delicious bites and adds some amazing Louisiana flavors with his German grandmother's technique. Many cultures in the world make this dish, but they've perfected it at Cochon.

6. Pig Skin Spaghetti With Wild Boar Sofrito: Incanto (San Francisco)

It's no coincidence Chris Consentino's Incanto makes it on the list twice. He is a master at making the impossible possible. Here he combines the best of 2 worlds with a carbo-free pasta dish of pig on pig.

5. Grilled Tuna Spines: Incanto (San Francisco)

The grilled tuna spine sounds foreboding, but in chef Chris Cosentino's hands it's a seafaring version of Japanese BBQ.

4. Donkey Skin and Donkey-Tasting Menu: Beijing Qun Sheng Shi Jia Can Yin (Beijing)

Sliced thin and stir-fried, donkey is one of the great wok-tossed dishes of the world. The stuff is amazing and tastes like an earthier version of veal.

3. Horse Mane Sashimi: Koshin (Japan)

A slice of raw horse mane (the fatty flesh and fat beneath the skin that the hair is attached to) with a bit of ginger and soy sauce. Fatty umami awesomeness.

2. Sea Urchin and Lardo Crostini: Marea (New York City)

Sea urchin with pork fat on toast. The dish is insanely simple but has so much flavor.

1. Goat Butter Burger: AZ Canteen (Minneapolis)

Goat is eaten around the world, but often Americans will hesitate before trying it. I might be biased, but the goat burger from my food truck, AZ Canteen, is one of the best things I've ever eaten. The meat comes from my pal Pat LaFrieda, and the roasted tomatoes, charred onion and pickles add the perfect kick of flavor.

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