Andrew participates in a Santeria ritual that leaves him covered in blood. He devours the biggest tree rats he's ever seen, and he discovers how to grow world-class tobacco.

From This Episode

Andrew takes a walk along the gorgeous sea wall in Havana called the Malecon. 960 1280


Octopus salad at La Guarida, a private restaurant in a stunning, old Havana mansion. 960 1280


Soviet-era missiles are on display outside an old Spanish fort in Havana. 960 1280


Andrew gets a kiss and hug from 2 women in the pedestrian district of Old Havana. 960 1280


Andrew checks out Havana Rakatan, a Cuban dance group, as they prepare for their European tour. 960 1280


Andrew goes cruising in a 1957 Oldsmobile during his visit in Havana. 960 1280


Andrew visits the Vinales Valley, where he eats roasted pig and tree rat, or jutia, for lunch. 960 1280


Andrew relaxes on a bus made in China on a drive through Havana. 960 1280


The TV crew shoots the Santeria, a ritual practiced mainly in homes at altars where offerings are made to the saints. 960 1280


The Santeria priest, a babalawo, humanely sacrifices a chicken over Andrew's head as part of a purification ritual. 960 1280


A cigar taster guides Andrew through the finer points of cigar smoking in the VIP room at Partigas Factory. 960 1280


The wildlife on Cayo Macho is abundant and definitely not fearful of Andrew. 960 1280


Andrew explores the rich sea life off the uninhabited island of Cayo Macho. 960 1280


Andrew eats lunch at a local fisherman's house on the southern coast of Cuba. 960 1280


Andrew dances the night away at a tourist favorite, Casa de La Musica, in Trinidad. 960 1280


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