Andrew travels to rugged Mongolia, where living off the land is part of the country's nomadic tradition. He eats foods prepared in ways he's never seen before from a blowtorch barbecue to an animal carcass oven.

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  • Tuesday
    November 1
    4pm | 3c

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Airag, fermented mare's milk, is one of the first foods offered to any guest entering a nomad tent. 960 1280


At full draw, Andrew will pull almost 70 lbs. of weight with thumb and forefinger. But he did manage to shoot the arrow. 960 1280


Andrew hums through his nose while 2 men perform the art of throat-singing. 960 1280


The production crew stops to shoot video while traveling across Mongolia's highlands. 960 1280


Boodog is served. The goat carcass is slit open, revealing chunks of meat and internal organs that were cooked inside it. 960 1280


Joel Weber kneels to get a shot of an ovoo, a roadside altar. Ovoos are scattered throughout Mongolia. 960 1280


Vendors sell cultured butter, cheese and dried curds at the Central Market in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital city. 960 1280


There are 2.6 million people in Mongolia and 34 million head of livestock. 960 1280


Andrew dons the appropriate gear to learn Mongolian wrestling on a hillside outside Ulaanbaatar. 960 1280


Andrew checks out hundreds of animal heads at the meat market in Ulaanbaatar. 960 1280


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