Andrew ventures into the remote rainforest of Suriname, where he encounters foods he's never seen before. Andrew visits 2 villages and takes hunting trek in the jungle sample the flavors of a few exotic animals, including a pingo and coconi.

From This Episode

Andrew and the Bizarre Foods production crew watch locals clean the day's catch by the Suriname River. 960 1280


Andrew and producer Chris Marino pose with skilled hunters and their game in Suriname. 960 1280


A woman dries peppers in the hot sun in Malobi, Suriname. 960 1280


Andrew takes in the scenery on the Suriname River. 960 1280


Before putting on his sunglasses, Bizarre Foods story editor Tye Schulke has his picture taken with a few Botopasi children in the background. 960 1280


A bowl of plucked feathers can only mean lunchtime is only a few minutes away. 960 1280


Andrew and locals catch a fresh lizard on the grill in preparation for a traditional meal in Suriname. 960 1280


It doesn't get much better than a Pingo snout on a stick. 960 1280


Photographer Joel Weber films the beautiful scenery along the Suriname River. 960 1280


Producer Chris Marino catches this 15-pound piranha from the Suriname River. 960 1280


Andrew holds up a Marail Guan -- a native bird in Suriname -- that hunters just killed in the jungle. 960 1280


Yummy! It's fresh Marail Guan that's ready to eat. 960 1280


Andrew and Peace Corps volunteer Amber Ray walk with their 2 fishing buddies in Malobi, a small village in Suriname. 960 1280


Piranha stew boils in a pan for what looks like a tasty dinner. 960 1280


Children pose for a quick picture in Suriname. 960 1280


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