Chicago's Cutting Edge

Andrew explores the driving forces behind the cutting edge food scene in Chicago. From world class charcuterie, to fresh seafood from the far corners of the world, to restaurants serving up unique dishes with ingredients you've never even heard of before, purveyors in the Windy City are pushing the limits when it comes to food. Whether it's sourcing the right breed for pressed duck, hunting down an exotic element, like whale vomit for a fish dish, or whipping up a fresh seafood concoction that's served in a baby bottle, Andrew finds out that food suppliers in Chicago are turning out fresh ideas to meet the demand!

Rhode Island: Chowing Gaggers & Stuffies

Andrew visits Rhode Island where the local food is a blend of old traditions and high tech creations. From Portuguese mainstays, to classic seafood favorites, to innovations using state of the art gadgetry, the food in this tiny New England state is packed with flavor. The menu ranges from fresh ocean finds, like the beloved quahog, to chicken eggs so fresh they don't even come in a shell, to monkfish liver mousse whipped up in fancy machine at a cooking school that's leading the way in cutting edge cuisine.

San Antonio: Brains, Balls & Blood

Andrew Zimmern travels to San Antonio, where a generation raised on Tex-Mex is redefining its signature Southern style.

Peruvian Amazon: Giant Rodents and Biting Ants

Andrew Zimmern goes off the grid in Iquitos, Peru, in the heart of the Amazon.

Ho Chi Minh City: Rat Hearts & Porcupine Parts

Andrew Zimmern eats porcupine, rats and bird nests in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Panama: Beef Lungs & Love Potions

Andrew Zimmern goes to Panama City, Panama, for iguana eggs, beef lung and chicken feet.

Cold Blooded Creatures

Andrew devours cold-blooded creatures such as snakes, lizards and toads.

Dubai: Carp, Camel and Cocoons

Andrew Zimmern heads to Dubai for camel’s milk, fermented fish and manna from heaven.

Rome: Porchetta, Pecorino and Pizza

In Rome, Andrew feasts on lamb brains, river eels and stuffed pig.

Taipei: Stinky Tofu and Iron Eggs

In Taipei, Andrew Zimmern feasts on stinky tofu, iron eggs and bullfrogs.