Bizarre Foods: Kazakhstan Pictures

Andrew Zimmern travels to Kazakhstan, a country in the heart of central Asia, to hunt rabbits using golden eagles and feast on sheep brains, smoked horse sausage and more. Go behind the scenes with Andrew to get his take.


Andrew works undercover as a waiter at The Meatball Shop on Stanton Street in NYC. 960 1280


Andrew enjoys the smell of handmade lobster burata at Marea, one of NYC's finest restaurants. 960 1280


This tasty dish of lobster burata is one of Marea's signature dishes. 960 1280


The Bizarre Foods crew films a couple shots of NYC's busy Times Square. 960 1280


Andrew can't resist an aged prime steak from LaFrieda's. 960 1280


Andrew carefully picks up a durian fruit at a Chinatown market. 960 1280


A tray of fresh figs wait to be turned into a delicacy at Marea's restaurant. 960 1280


This is definitely not the right wig for Andrew's undercover kitchen mission. 960 1280


Andrew poses in disguise before he waits tables at The Meatball Shop. 960 1280


Andrew gets a lesson in butchering sirloin from Pat LaFrieda at his butcher shop, Wholesale Meat Purveyors. 960 1280


Take a trip to Chinatown to pick up a variety of fresh seafood at a local fish market. 960 1280


Andrew learns how to slice sirloin from the bone. 960 1280


Octopus fusilli with bone marrow is one of many dishes Andrew had to prepare at Marea Restaurant in NYC. 960 1280


Andrew talks beef with Pat LaFrieda in New Jersey. 960 1280


Andrew Zimmern shows off his catch in various forms aboard the boat, "Pure Indulgence." 960 1280


The catch of the day, yellowfin tuna, served raw with locally grown Samoan lime. 960 1280


Andrew samples his catch. 960 1280


Bats are held over the fire to remove the hair in preparation to cook. 960 1280


Sunset on the shores of Samoa. 960 1280


Andrew Zimmern with a flying fox or fruit bat. 960 1280


Andrew's guide for the day, Gisa Gaufa Salesa Uesele, looks on as Andrew pours a bowl of sea at Maketi Fou. 960 1280


The colorful Maketi Fou market in Apia. 960 1280


Fresh cocoa in plastic bags. 960 1280


Andrew prepares to eat clam on the half-shell 960 1280


13 Photos

Andrew and his guide, Johnny Burun, explore the burial caves at Londa Cliff Graves, Sulawesi. 960 1280


Snapshot of a skull and offerings to the deceased at Londa Cliff Graves. 960 1280


Andrew Zimmern and blogger Dinny Jusuf eat Coto Makassar (Makassar soup) in Rantepao. 960 1280


Andrew cuts open durian fruit in Batutumonga, Sulawesi. 960 1280


Torajan snails are a delicious treat in Sulawesi. 960 1280


Mama Tiku, Andrew, Dorche and blogger Dinny Jusuf sitting down to eat Suso' Santan (Torajan snails) in Batutumonga. 960 1280


Fried milk fish, smoked gabus fish and tumpi-tumpi (coconut and fish) is served at the Bissu Welcome Ceremony in Pangkep. 960 1280


A crew member captures the beautiful vista of the Tinimbayo Valley northwest of Rantepao. 960 1280


Water buffalo are presented to the family during the Bui Family Rambu Solo in Sa'dan. 960 1280


People collect the blood from a sacrificed water buffalo with bamboo tubes at the Bui Family Rambu Solo. 960 1280


Locals prepare a pig to make Pa'piong, a traditional Torajan dish in Talunglipu. 960 1280


It is common to see feminine men and masculine women in Pangkep. 960 1280


Andrew helps carry a coffin during the Bui Family Rambu Solo. 960 1280


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