Bizarre Foods: Taste of Tropics

View Andrew's behind-the-scenes photos from Belize, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Florida.

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Andrew assists a Roma woman making sausage in Hungary. 960 1280


A group of Roma men work together to slaughter a pig during the early-morning hours in the village of Paszab, Hungary. 960 1280


Andrew dances in the rain with his new Roma friends in the rural village of Paszab. 960 1280


Photographer Brian Lundy captures the traditional folk music of a violinist in front of the Habsburg Gate of the Royal Palace in Budapest. 960 1280


A beautiful panoramic view of the Pest side (east side ) of Budapest. 960 1280


The Bizarre Foods crew shoots a scene at Bock Bistro with Andrew and his guide, food writer Zsofia Mautner. 960 1280


Andrew Zimmern and Zsofia Mautner dig into a bull penis dish at Bock Bistro. 960 1280


Photographer Adrian Danciu films Budapest in the evening while traveling on a boat down the Danube River. 960 1280


Andrew travels on a bus with the Bizarre Foods crew in Hungary. 960 1280


The production crew film Andrew's stand-up shot at Lake Balaton's popular beachfront. 960 1280


Andrew observes how local fishermen on Lake Balaton net large Busa carp. 960 1280


Andrew prepares to sample fresh Busa carp and bacon skewers. 960 1280


The Bizarre Foods crew poses for a photo at Bock Bistro on their last day in Hungary with Chef Lajos Biro (seated) and food writer Zsofia Mautner (far right). 960 1280


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