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Have a taste for the bizarre? Check out bizarre foods from around the world. Beware: These photos are not for the squeamish.

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Head to Khlong Toei Market to pick up fresh frogs and toads for sale. 960 1280


Foodies should add Khlong Toei Market to their must-see list and experience the food for sale, including whole chicken. 960 1280


Andrew receives this parting gift from Cabbages and Condoms, a restaurant that educates diners about the use of condoms. 960 1280


Andrew and the staff at Cabbages and Condoms compete to determine who has the largest condom. 960 1280


Andrew and Daniel Green look over the menu at Spa Foods Restaurant in Wangtonglang, Bangkok. 960 1280


Try this tasty roasted duck in tomato coconut curry at Spa Foods Restaurant. 960 1280


Andrew finds pork brain soup -- made with fish balls, pork innards and fish intestines -- at a small eatery in Bangkok. 960 1280


Experience the Thai street scene with a temple in the background and vendors selling traditional foods. 960 1280


Andrew chows on boat noodles, tipping his bowl for the camera to see. 960 1280


Andrew visits Jok's Kitchen in Bangkok's Chinatown to eat a variety of foods, including pig stomach and tea-smoked duck. 960 1280


Locals hang their clothes out to dry at a housing complex in downtown Bangkok. 960 1280


Walking along any street in Bangkok, tourists can buy and taste a variety of foods on display at restaurants. 960 1280


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