Andrew visits Tokyo, Japan. Check out photos of sea pineapples, water eels, blue fin eyes and more. Get an inside look at several Japanese restaurants and explore Tsukiji market.


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Chef Yamada shows Andrew how every bit of the tuna, including its bloodline and tail, can make a delectable meal. 960 1280


Chef Yamada serves the giant tuna head and performs a ceremony of reverence for this beloved but increasingly rare fish. 960 1280


A perfect stranger shares some of her sashimi with Andrew -- proof of the famous Japanese hospitality. 960 1280


Participants in Cosplay (short for 'costume play') become characters to escape the roles of strict Japanese society. 960 1280


'Help, I've fallen for Cosplay, and I can't get enough!' Playing dress-up is a popular pastime in Tokyo. 960 1280


Quirky inventor Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu greets Andrew and invites him for a ride in his water-powered car. 960 1280


Dr. Nakamats has photographed every meal he has eaten over the last 37 years. He plans on living to the age of 144. 960 1280


Cooking horumon was no problem for Andrew. Understanding the slightly drunken Japanese customers was a different matter. 960 1280


Visitors to the Meiji shrine are asked to leave their wishes hanging on an ancient tree in the courtyard. 960 1280


A pair of sumo wrestlers pair off in their daily morning training session. These athletes live and train together. 960 1280


A sumo wrestler, called a rishiki, consumes as many as 20,000 calories a day; however they are very muscular and limber. 960 1280


10. "You'll think you've discovered culinary heaven in Santiago, Chile -- great wine, beef and the freshest seafood." -AZ 960 1280


9. "Barcelona is home to the West's most innovative chefs, including gastro-preneurs Juan Arzak and Ferran Adria." -AZ 960 1280


8. "LA is one of my favorite places for authentic Korean food, classic steakhouse dinners and fast-food restaurants." -AZ 960 1280


7. "Sicily's cuisine is a blend of techniques influenced by Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, French and Spanish." -AZ 960 1280


6. "Mexico is one of the most diverse countries. The food is no different, and you'll find it all in Mexico City." -AZ 960 1280


5. "In Paris, food is an art form. Cooks care about the quality of the ingredients to create culinary masterpieces." -AZ 960 1280


4. "Bangkok's street-food scene is legendary. Few meals have topped what I've found in Khlong Toei market." -AZ 960 1280


3. "Beijing is all about the night markets. One of my favorites is Donghuamen -- a serious place for street eats." -AZ 960 1280


2. "Tokyo is home to elegant fine dining, cheap noodle shops and some of the weirdest feats in the culinary world." -AZ 960 1280


1. "I love NYC street food. Its vibrant street culture is home to some of the best mobile food imaginable." -AZ 960 1280


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