Take look at a few behind-the-scenes photos from the Thailand episode of Bizarre Foods.


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960 1280


Andrew calls this photo, "Land of the Smiles." 960 1280


Go ahead, try it! These are fish stomachs ready to be sampled. 960 1280


Andrew Zimmern watching the fish stomach process. 960 1280


Crab curry and local greens at the water village. 960 1280


Zimmern eating with the sea cicada hunters. 960 1280


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Head to Khlong Toei Market to pick up fresh frogs and toads for sale. 960 1280


Foodies should add Khlong Toei Market to their must-see list and experience the food for sale, including whole chicken. 960 1280


Andrew receives this parting gift from Cabbages and Condoms, a restaurant that educates diners about the use of condoms. 960 1280


Andrew and the staff at Cabbages and Condoms compete to determine who has the largest condom. 960 1280


Andrew and Daniel Green look over the menu at Spa Foods Restaurant in Wangtonglang, Bangkok. 960 1280


Try this tasty roasted duck in tomato coconut curry at Spa Foods Restaurant. 960 1280


Andrew finds pork brain soup -- made with fish balls, pork innards and fish intestines -- at a small eatery in Bangkok. 960 1280


Experience the Thai street scene with a temple in the background and vendors selling traditional foods. 960 1280


Andrew chows on boat noodles, tipping his bowl for the camera to see. 960 1280


Andrew visits Jok's Kitchen in Bangkok's Chinatown to eat a variety of foods, including pig stomach and tea-smoked duck. 960 1280


Locals hang their clothes out to dry at a housing complex in downtown Bangkok. 960 1280


Walking along any street in Bangkok, tourists can buy and taste a variety of foods on display at restaurants. 960 1280


A crocodile's bite is 10 times more deadly than the bite of a great white shark. 960 1280


In Papua New Guinea, restaurants serve crocodile meat with turmeric to create a tasty stew. Some people believe eating croc meat can cure asthma. 960 1280


Monitor lizards grow up to 9 feet long. A single bite can cause an allergic reaction that could lead to death. 960 1280


A female monitor lizard can carry 30-40 eggs. The eggs are usually boiled in water and eaten as a treat in the Philippines. 960 1280


In the Philippines, monitor lizard meat is usually cooked with coconut milk and chili. Filipinos believe eating the meat can help treat heart and liver problems. 960 1280


In 2008, a small village in the Philippines became deathly ill after eating the cooked flesh from hawksbill turtles. The turtles eat a variety of toxic sea sponges. 960 1280


Despite the health hazards, several villagers continue to eat the meat from hawksbill turtles. 960 1280


In Thailand, a cane toad's skin is covered with alkaloid, a poisonous venom. The venom can enter the body through a cut or by eating the toxic critter. 960 1280


Cooks must be skilled to prepare a dish with poisonous cane toad as the main ingredient. In Thailand, some locals deep fry the toads in garlic. 960 1280


A Vietnamese man skins rats after boiling them in hot water. Rats can carry a bacterial infection called leptospirosis that can liver and kidney failure. 960 1280


Three thousand tons of rats are consumed in Vietnam each year. 960 1280


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