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Need a good, strong, unique cup of coffee? Look no further! Find out where you can get the coffee featured on Dangerous Grounds -- we share the restaurants, cafes and stores that offer the beans that Todd finds on the show. Check out where to try it for yourself, or pick up a bag to make a cup of La Colombe's delicious coffee at home.

Mexico's Wine-Like Bean - ABC Cocina
In the Dangerous Grounds episode, Mexican Motherlode, Todd hunts down the perfect coffee bean for his client, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, an award-winning French chef known for his discerning tastes and series of world-famous restaurants. Todd finds the perfect, wine-like bean after getting a taste of it at El Passmar Cafe in Mexico City.

Get a taste of this coffee at ABC Cocina in New York City. Or purchase your own bag of Mexico-sourced coffee from the Finca El Retiro at La Colombe’s online store. With wine and cherry notes, this coffee also helps support Mexico’s small, local coffee farmers.

  • 38 E 19th St.
  • New York, NY 10003 US
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Nepal's Impossible Beans - Buddakan
In the episode Himalayan Outpost, Todd takes on the daunting task of finding a delicious coffee bean for his client, Stephan Starr, whose brutal honesty and high standards raise the stakes. Due to Nepal’s humid climate, it’s nearly impossible to get fresh coffee beans from the farms high in the Himalayas to restaurants in the United States. But Todd pulls it off for Starr’s series of Buddakan restaurants, making it the only restaurant in the country to serve coffee from the birthplace of Buddha. You can find this extra-special coffee at Buddakan restaurants in New York City, Atlantic City and its flagship location in Philadelphia.
  • 325 Chestnut Street
  • Philadelphia, PA 19106 US
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Mario Batali's Espresso

Todd Carmichael with Mario Batali
In the episode, When in Rome, Todd visits renowned chef Mario Batali in Italy to convince him to partner up with Todd to make a delicious espresso. Mario gives Todd a taste of his favorite espresso in Rome, but Todd is certain he can do better. With Mario’s cautious blessing, Todd heads to the Amazon to find the best beans in Brazil.

Find the Mario Batali Caffe Italiano line of espresso on the La Colombe website. The Roma Espresso is available now, with the Amalfi Decaf and Abruzzo Filter coming soon.
A Rare Thai Coffee Bean - West Elm Market
Todd Carmichael with Jim Brett
In the episode, Golden Triangle, Todd goes to Thailand to search for the perfect coffee bean for his client Jim Brett, president of west elm. Todd knows exactly where to go: The Doi Chaang Coffee Company’s farms in the hills of Northern Thailand in what was once opium country. The Doi Chaang Coffee Company is a unique partnership between a Canadian business and the Akha hill tribe, with the growers earning 50% of the company’s profits.

Todd manages to bring back the Doi Chaang Peaberry -- a shade-grown, handpicked, sundried coffee bean -- for west elm. The peaberry is a kind of coffee bean that grows when the coffee fruit develops only a single oval bean, rather than the 2 flat-sided beans that are usually found. Some people consider peaberry coffee superior to regular coffee because of its delicate flavor.

Find the Doi Chaang Peaberry Coffee in select west elm MARKET stores worldwide.
  • 50 Washington Street
  • Brooklyn, NY 11201 US
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Uganda’s Sweet and Fruity Coffee

In the episode, War Gin, Todd finds out that a school that he helped build in Uganda has been partially burned down by arsonists. He goes to Kampala, Uganda’s capital, after sealing a deal with Dean & DeLuca. The gourmet grocery store chain has agreed to sell a special La Colombe coffee with a portion of proceeds going to help the ravaged Trinity Children’s Center.

Todd brings back this coffee from the Bulaago Village in the Mt. Elgon region of Uganda. This sweet coffee features fruity notes of raspberry, sugar cane and milk chocolate. Find it on La Colombe's website.

A portion of profits from the La Colombe coffee, Afrique, helps provide housing, food, healthcare and education to orphaned children in Africa, and also helps fund water well drilling.

Guatemala’s Citrus-like Beans

In the episode, Mayan Fortress, Todd searches for a way to be welcomed into Guatemala’s territory. After finding a street hustler who arranges a meeting with Todd and the area tribe’s elders, Todd receives their blessing in the form of a “protection chicken.”

With the help of the chicken and the tribe, Todd finds his way to the country’s biggest coffee plantation and its kingpin owner. Todd brings back Guatemala’s treasured citrusy coffee bean with a caramel-like sweetness. Find the coffee on La Colombe’s website.
Tanzania's Mythical Coffee - Four Seasons Hotel
Yog Sothoth
In the episode, Guns and Lions, Todd travels to Tanzania’s Serengeti to find the rare AAA coffee bean. The new food and beverage manager at the Four Seasons Philadelphia sends Todd on his quest for this ideal coffee, the largest bean possible.

Find La Colombe’s Tanzania coffee from the Matengo Highlands on their website. You can also enjoy a cup of La Colombe coffee at the Four Season Philadelphia.
  • 1 Logan Square
  • Philadelphia, PA 19103 US
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