Iceland's Strange Brew

Todd Carmichael made headlines breaking the world record for fastest solo trek across Antarctica. Now he returns to the ice, only this time in Iceland. In Reykjavik he meets drummer Siggi Baldursson from Bjork's band, "The Sugarcubes," who introduces him to some local oddities. Then Todd heads deep into the land of fire and ice on a quest to devise a unique icelandic coffee beer. But Iceland can be a strange place, and it's a journey where Todd finds himself fishing at the edge of the Arctic circle and getting far too close to an erupting volcano.

Dr. Carmichael, I Presume?

Todd is celebrating both the 20th anniversary of his company, La Colombe, which also marks the 10th anniversary of his marriage to singer, Lauren Hart. To mark this historic occasion, Todd is on a quest to source an "Anniversary" coffee roast. Todd's mission takes him to Zambia following the footsteps of Dr. David Livingstone, one of his personal heroes. But Zambia is no destination for the faint of heart - class five rapids, 200 ft. cliffs, and close encounters with wildlife stand between Todd and his goal.

Turkish Delight

Todd heads to Turkey to meet up with his friend Hamdi Ulakaya, the founder of Chobani Yogurt. Todd explores the catacombs and historical wonders of Cappadocia in Central Turkey, and the many delights of Istanbul, the city where East meets West. But as the regional struggle against ISIS spills into the streets, protests grow larger every day. When Hamdi turns the tables on Todd, the two men find themselves enroute to the Syrian border.

Big in Japan

Todd invents a revolutionary new device called "the Dragon" that could change the way coffee is brewed by aficionados around the world. But as soon as word gets out, demand for the device skyrockets. There's only one country in the world that can reliably mass-produce Todd's complex glass design, Japan. Todd's mission takes him from the back streets of Tokyo to the remote valleys of the Chikurin-ji Mountains where he encounters everything from unconventional foods to bullet trains to robots. As one of the most notoriously eccentric places to conduct business on the planet, Todd has his work cut out for him in Japan to complete his cross-cultural deal.

Monsoon Moonshine

Todd Carmichael's rum distilling venture hangs on finding an aged coffee.

Guns and Lions

Winds of change hit the Four Seasons Hotel, sending Todd to Tanzania for a mythical bean.

Mayan Fortress

Todd must face-off with a mafia-like kingpin to return with the coffee.

War Gin

Militants burn down a school in Uganda that Todd Carmichael helped build.

Golden Triangle

Todd crosses into totalitarian Myanmar to get his coffee home.

When in Rome With Batali

A challenge from Chef Mario Batali leads Todd deep into Brazil's Amazon.

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