Dangerous Grounds: Haiti Pictures

Todd Carmichael travels to the island nation of Haiti in search of a rare strain of coffee plant called "typica." Todd sees signs of the treasure he's looking for -- if only he can find the farmer.
Episode: Haiti

Todd Carmichael visits a market in Haiti frequented by locals in an effort to get a lead on where to find the coffee he's looking for.

Todd Carmichael surrounded by coffee beans.

The crew passes through a run-down village as they drive through the mountains of Haiti.

Haitian children watch the crew pass through their village.

Todd and the crew made more than a few friends at a Haitian school.

Todd and crew members Brian, Chris and Rob stop to pose in front of the mountains.

A shot of the crew’s Wrangler in the mountains.

Todd inspects the coffee beans as a local man looks on.

Todd takes the wheel.

Todd gets an close-up look at local cuisine.

Todd negotiates with a local farmer.

As the crew drives through the mountains, they pass locals catching a bus into town.

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