First Look: Expedition Unknown, Season 3

Josh Gates embarks on an all-new set of adventures in season 3 of Expedition Unknown , including investigating the legends of Attila the Hun, a lost Grecian empire and a Montana sheriff's hidden treasure. 

Old West Gates

Josh Gates goes full cowboy in old west regalia while visiting a former boomtown in Montana.

Plummer's Gold

Josh examines mining records with historian Mark Webber as he investigates a notorious Montana sheriff's lost fortune. 


Plummer's Gold

Josh examines mining records with historian Mark Webber as he investigates a notorious Montana sheriff's lost fortune. 

Plummer's Gold

Gold prospector Rob Towner and engineer Bobby show Josh a mining map as they search for evidence of a lost fortune in Montana. 

Plummer's Gold

Boom! Josh and his guides set off controlled explosions in the Montana countryside. 


Josh played the part while meeting a group of gold rush reenactors in Montana.

Montana Transport

Josh explores Montana's backcountry via horse while he searches for Sheriff Henry Plummer's lost treasure. 

Plummer's Gold

The jailhouse of Sheriff Henry Plummer still stands in Bannock, Montana. 


Josh checks out an abandoned building in a former Montana boomtown.


Another left-behind building, an old schoolhouse, found in the abandoned boomtown Bannock, Montana.

The Hunt for Attila

Historian Dr. Imre Lanszki and Josh examine wall carvings outside of Budapest that may lead them to the lost tomb of Attila the Hun. 


Buried Clues

Josh dusts off a found fossil at a dig site outside of Budapest.

Steady Aim

Josh tries his hand at archery while riding horseback. 

Budapest Ride

Josh drives a UAZ-469 utility vehicle during his investigation into the lost tomb of Attila the Hun. 

The Vanished Empire

In his search for evidence of an empire unaccounted for, Josh Gates vists An ancient Greek temple.

Greek Ruins

Archaeological ruins like these seen in Greece may lead to more clues of what happened to the lost Grecian empire. 


These ruins are all that stands of the former Athens temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. 

Ready for Battle

Josh explores the town in a Vespa while donning a Spartan helmet.

Underwater Expedition

Josh in full scuba gear wades in the water before going for a deep dive.

Going Greek

Josh and historian Colin McDonald tour an ancient Greek temple.

Dive Prep

A member of the diving crew assembles a device before Josh and his team go for a dive in Grecian waters. 

Hanging Out

Josh holds on for dear life in Greece. 

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