Fast Foods Gone Global 2011

Fast foods have gone global. But the big American chains are exporting more than just their classic burgers, fries, subs, chicken, and pizza, they're exporting American ingenuity by adapting to local tastes and taboos. So McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut and KFC are changing their menus to make sure they hold the beef in India, add the shrimp in Japan, go Kosher in Israel and add the rice and spice in Hong Kong. Coca Cola gets into the act with flavors and fizzes that appeal to local palates. So when Americans stop at their favorite fast food chains around the world, they're bound to be surprised by the menu.

Fantastic Fast Food

America's come to expect it's food fresh, fulfilling and fast. So join us as we take a tour of ten quick-eat destinations throughout the country in Fantastic Fast Food. We'll give you an inside look at some of the most unique fast food restaurants around, where some even serve you in a way you may not expect. From the best burger in Memphis to the home of the original French dip in Los Angeles. Take one for the team at The Varsity in Atlanta, or have your food on the farm at California's Red Tractor Caf¿. Ever hear of fried clams? How about gourmet peanut butter sandwiches? Or come along to Tommy's in Los Angeles for a look at their secret chili and how they put it on everything on the menu. And we'll even give you a glimpse of sushi so fast, it's delivered on a speeding conveyor belt! These aren't your typical drive-thru dives. Come along for the ride and see how fantastic fast food can be!

Fast Foods Gone Global: USA

International food chains are introducing their homegrown flavors to American customers.

Fast Foods Gone Global: Asia

Traditional dishes influence flavors at American fast food chains throughout Asia.

Fast Foods Gone Global: Africa

Fast-food chains adapt their menus to celebrate the flavors of Africa and the Middle East.

Fast Foods Gone Global: Europe

American fast food chains add an old world touch to their menus in Europe.

Fast Foods Gone Global: Latin America

Local flavors are found at American fast food chains all around Latin America.

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