A Family of Explorers

Allison Stewart helps a Massachusetts electrician learn to skate like an Olympian, search for Nazi U-boats and survive at sea while finding his connection to one of history's most famous explorers.

Crusaders to Castles

A woman's family tree reveals Scottish kings and Crusader battles.

Is There a Doctor In the House?

Alison Stewart takes two brothers on a journey through a family tree filled with whalers, inventors, sea farers and hard-working heroes, until they find their connection to a night that rocked the American presidency.

Founding Fathers

Alison Stewart takes a single mom on an adventure through the canals of Venice, the battlefields of the American Revolution and finally to the streets of New York City, where she discovers her relation to one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known.

Queens and Castles

Alison Stewart takes a brother and sister on a journey through the U.K. to live like royalty, control ferocious birds, fight like warriors and discover a connection to one of history's most legendary woman.

The Frontiersmen

Alison Stewart takes a husband and wife on a journey through the American west to round up cattle, dig for gold and discover their connection to a famous trailblazing ancestor who helped change the U.S. map forever.

Haunted Family History

Alison Stewart takes a mother and daughter on a journey to fight in the Civil War trenches, make music history in Vermont, concoct medicines to fight off witchcraft and discover their connection to one of the most mysterious chapters in American history.

Grandpa and The Greatest Generation

Alison Stewart takes a Texas native flying through the skies all the way to France to discover that a close relative was part of one of the most important days in world history.

Writing History

Alison Stewart helps a Chicago man and his wife live like a cave man, fight fires and brew beer to find his connection to a writer whose penmanship changed history.

In-Laws and Outlaws

Alison Stewart takes a father and his daughter on an epic journey from a German brewery to the American Wild West to discover their connection to one of the most famous outlaws in history.

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