Fort Horsted

Zak, Nick & Aaron are in Kent, England, just southeast of London, hunkering down inside Fort Horsted. The guys recruit locals to conduct a séance to provoke the demonic spirits that terrify visitors at the fort.

From This Episode

Zak, Nick & Aaron are in Kent, England, just southeast of London, to investigate the former World War II site Fort Horsted. 960 1280


The guys learn that locals are petrified of a demonic force originating over 1,500 years ago. 960 1280


Despite being a military establishment during World War II, current manager Paul Coutts-Smith ties the demonic activity to a time when Anglo-Saxons occupied the surrounding lands. 960 1280


Paul confesses to Zak that he personally has experienced a demon during his time spent at Fort Horsted. 960 1280


Ancient warriors conducted blood sacrifices and slaughtered many innocent people at the site where the fort resides. 960 1280


Several locals claim they were physically harmed or felt a demonic presence alter their demeanor while inside the building. 960 1280


Upon hearing this Nick, Zak & Aaron ask the locals to conduct a séance during the lockdown of Fort Horsted in order to provoke the demonic force once again. 960 1280


The guys capture a loud boom during the lockdown. Could it have come from one of the WWII cannons that remain at the fort? 960 1280


Billy poses in front of the fort pre-equipment check. 960 1280


Zak jots down some notes during the daytime walkthrough. 960 1280


Actors film an Anglo-Saxon blood sacrifice. 960 1280


Zak believes they may have woken up an evil spirit during their lockdown. 960 1280


Aaron wonders off with a local during the lockdown and then witnesses a spirit call him out by name. 960 1280


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