Rolling Hills Asylum

The homeless, alcoholics, orphans, TB patients and the criminally insane all once took refuge at Rolling Hills. The Asylum became a stewpot of tragic cases mixed with dark personalities -- a recipe for hardcore haunting today.

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  • Friday
    December 16
    2pm | 1c

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Nick and Aaron compose a shot of Nick outside the entrance of Rolling Hills. 960 1280


Are these crumbling interior walls consumed by sinister unseen forces? 960 1280


Nick and Aaron prepare for an outdoor shoot near Rolling Hills. 960 1280


Another photograph of the building's eerie interior. 960 1280


A view of an underground tunnel haunted by a malevolent spirit named "Ray." 960 1280


Aaron gets ready to capture footage. 960 1280


An exterior view of Rolling Hills Asylum. 960 1280


To prepare for the lockdown, the guys head to Niagara Falls for an adrenaline rush. 960 1280


The cameras are wrapped in protective plastic before the jet-boat ride. 960 1280


Zak, Nick and Aaron get ready for a jet-boat ride on the turbulent rapids of the Niagara River. 960 1280


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