Leslie's Family Tree

Ghost Adventures investigates Native American spirits at a restaurant in Santaquin, Utah.

Palace Saloon

Zak and the crew are called to the Palace Saloon in Prescott, Arizona, to help banish a malevolent spirit that is terrorizing the staff. During the investigation, Jay is attacked in the saloon's basement where the spirit resides.

Colorado Gold Mine

The Ghost Adventures crew is in Idaho Springs, Colorado, traveling deep into the Phoenix Gold Mine. Zak learns about a heinous murder that haunts the mine and the entire crew makes contact with a tiny, malicious spirit known as a Tommyknocker.

Hell Hole Prison

Ghost Adventures investigates the dark energy at Yuma Territorial Prison.

Manresa Castle

Ghost Adventures targets Port Townsend, WA to investigate the violent hauntings at Manresa Castle. During the lockdown, a spirit repeats Aaron's words verbatim; but will he escape unscathed?

Mackay Mansion

The Ghost Adventures crew returns to Virginia City, Nevada, to investigate two properties once owned by the legendary mining tycoon, John Mackay. During the intense lockdown, an unseen force pushes Jay down a flight of stairs, while Zak and Billy encounter a spirit who causes a light bulb to explode.

Dorothea Puente Murder House

After an occupant claims to be visited by the late Dorothea Puente less than a week ago, Zak and the crew arrive in Sacramento, CA, to investigate the former home of the elderly serial killer. During the investigation, the crew finds potential evidence of undiscovered victims, and Zak is crippled by an unseen force.

Reseda House of Evil

There is a home so evil in Reseda, California, that it affects all who dare enter it. Inhabitants are becoming drug addicts and many have committed suicide. Zak and the crew struggle to keep their sanity when this dangerous investigation quickly turns into an emotional nightmare.

Aftershocks: Sharon Tate/Linda Vista Hospital

In this episode of Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks, Zak Bagans reopens his past investigations of the Sharon Tate Ghost and the Linda Vista Hospital. Two people deeply connected with the Sharon Tate murder house reunite after not speaking for nearly a decade, and a former employee of Linda Vista Hospital informs Zak on new information regarding the haunted hospital. On August 9, 1969, the Manson Family brutally murdered the pregnant actress Sharon Tate and several guests she was entertaining at her home. This horrific act has left a paranormal energy that has spread to the Oman House, which is located only 150 feet from where the murders took place. Zak reunites David Oman, owner of the Oman house, and Dr. Barry Taff, a parapsychologist. David and Barry haven't spoken since Barry became seriously ill while investigating the Oman House eight years ago. Barry tells Zak he thinks David is a poltergeist agent, explaining why the house is so active. Zak mediates while David and Barry dispute their theories on the Oman House. In the end, both men agree that the events that occur at the Oman House are mysterious and cannot be explained. Linda Vista is an iconic location that Ghost Adventures investigated on two separate occasions. Zak learns that the location has now been renovated into an apartment complex. He first reconnects with a former employee, Richard Berni, and learns that paranormal activity has only intensified since the hospital has been renovated. As a result, residents of this new complex are moving out due to terrifying experiences. Finally, Zak meets with former employee, Kimber Chase. He discovers that after she filmed with Ghost Adventures, she brought something dark home with her and has been surrounded by death ever since.

The Haunted Museum

Ghost Adventures performs a very special investigation at Zak Bagans' new museum in Las Vegas.

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