Edinburgh Manor

Ghost Adventures travels to Scotch Grove, IA to investigate Edinburgh Manor. Built in 1850, the manor housed the incurably insane and has had over 100 documented deaths within its walls. The guys first speak with Joshua Hopkins, whose uncle owns the manor. Joshua explains that he, and other members of his family have been physically harmed while inside the building. The most common entity encountered in the manor is known as, "The Joker," who is often seen as a tall dark figure. Next, Zak speaks with Hannah Hopkins, who has also had an experience with a dark energy. Hannah describes a strong pressure on her throat, a pressure which she said felt like a hand. Zak leaves Hannah alone in the room where her attack took place. After a few minutes alone, Hannah feels something around her and is compelled to leave the building. She tells the guys that she felt her neck getting hot while inside. They examine her neck, and discover a scratch mark forming before their eyes. Next, the guys speak with a man named Tyler Konigsmark. He describes an incident that took place in the basement where Tyler became aggressive towards other people. Next, Zak speaks with an eyewitness named Bud Coyle, who describes personally seeing the removal of a patient's body who hanged himself with a sheet. Finally Zak hears from a woman named Sandy Ricklefs. During her time working at the manor for thirty-two years, Sandy tells them that she has heard many stories about activity in the women's ward on the first floor of the manor. People have heard a child yell, "Mommy come back!" After a brief delay due to a severe thunderstorm, the lockdown begins. Zak immediately feels a strong presence surrounding him, and everyone hears a male voice echo through the halls. Aaron's heart rate begins to elevate at the same time that the feed to his camera goes dead. Spontaneously, the battery on Aaron's audio equipment begins fluctuating from full to empty. Zak and Aaron make their way to the basement, where it is said the Joker has attacked people on numerous occasions. Aaron believes he sees a slim figure with a round face down the hallway, and he announces he feels a great deal of tension. Zak starts to feel strange and becomes shaky on his feet. He quickly leaves the building and returns to nerve center to calm down. Later, Billy then has what appears to be glass thrown at him and becomes visibly shaken. He discovers pieces of a plate on the floor near the area where he heard the crash. After this catastrophic event, the crew decides it best to end their investigation.

Aftershocks: Stonehouse/MO State Penitentiary

Zak Bagans reopens investigations at Stonehouse Brewery and the Missouri State Penitentiary.

Aftershocks: Sharon Tate and Linda Vista Hospital

Zak reopens 2 investigations: the Sharon Tate ghost and Linda Vista Hospital.

Aftershocks: Bannack Ghost Town & Thornhaven Manor

Zak Bagans reopens investigations at Bannack ghost town and Thornhaven Manor.

Aftershocks: ZoZo Demon and Katie's Bar

Zak Bagans reopens investigations of the Zozo Demon house and Katie's Bar.

Aftershocks: Exorcist House/Ohio State Reformatory

Bad health plagues Zak Bagans’ guests from the Exorcist House and Ohio State Reformatory.

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