Execution Rocks

The Ghost Adventures team investigates an isolated and haunted lighthouse in Long Island Sound.
Episode: Execution Rocks
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Zak heading to the boat for their first trip to Execution Rocks Island.

Zak, Nick and Aaron planning the shoot as they head out to Execution Rocks Island.

Nick readies his equipment as the crew heads out to Execution Rocks Island.

Aaron shooting his vlog with Nick as they near Execution Rocks Island.

A view of Execution Rocks Island from the boat.

The interior of Execution Lighthouse.

Former Lightkeeper Hector Barsali on the staircase leading up to lighthouse.

Zak, Nick and Aaron interviewing Hector Barsali, former lightkeeper.

Execution Lighthouse's light.

Zak, Nick and Aaron outside Execution Lighthouse.

Sunrise at Execution Island the morning after the lockdown.

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Execution Rocks' Haunted History

Ghost Adventures investigate Execution Rocks, a lighthouse island in Long Island Sound infamous as a serial killer's burial ground.

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