Gear Guide

This goes way beyond boys and their toys. The GA team relies on the latest in paranormal technology for their investigations. Check out their ghost-hunting equipment.

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Aaron heads down to the main exhibition hall at the San Diego Convention Center. 960 1280


Nick, Zak and Aaron explore San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter. 960 1280


The GA crew signed and personalized hundreds of autograph sheets over the 3 days at Comic-Con. 960 1280


Costumed fans flock to the autograph booth to meet their favorite Ghost Adventures guys. 960 1280


Fans of the supernatural decorated their eyes with color contacts. 960 1280


Die-hard fans showed up with their video cameras to compare notes with Aaron. 960 1280


Zak hugs a fan who handcrafted a scrapbook for the GA guys. 960 1280


A 1980s Ghost Busters fan meets a real 21st-century ghost buster. 960 1280


Nick takes time to personalize an autograph sheet. 960 1280


Expert Richard Senate takes Zak on a tour of the chapel. 960 1280


Zak and Nick trudge up a hill for a better view of the mission. 960 1280


Aaron prepares to mark the next hot spot while Nick films in the chapel. 960 1280


The large vestibule inside the Padre's Quarters at La Purisima Mission. 960 1280


Aaron films Zak during the initial walk-through of the mission. 960 1280


Sunset at La Purisima Mission. 960 1280


Nick gets footage of the courtyard at the mission. 960 1280


Aaron waits for the next shot in the Cuartel. 960 1280


Zak explores a thatched dwelling in the Chumash tribal village. 960 1280


Nick films Zak as they investigate the infirmary. 960 1280


Aaron gets footage of the chapel during the lockdown. 960 1280


Nick provokes the spirits while filming in the Cuartel. 960 1280