Zak, Nick and Aaron channel the ghosts of Gettysburg, PA, with Civil War re-enactors on the battlefield.


11 Photos

Zak, Nick and Aaron walk down one of Hill View Manor's decrepit hallways. 960 1280


A view of the front entrance to Hill View Manor, home to countless tormented souls. 960 1280


Aaron readies a camera for the lockdown. 960 1280


The current owner of Hill View Manor, Candy Braniff, has reported seeing a large "dark mass" in one of its hallways. 960 1280


The guys prepare a stationary camera before the lockdown. 960 1280


Zak interviews an expert in one of the many deteriorating rooms of Hill View Manor. 960 1280


Someone had fun decorating a bedroom in Hill View Manor. 960 1280


Aaron finds a gopher golf club cover. 960 1280


The guys play a round of "haunted golf" on a nearby course built over the former Hill View cemetery. 960 1280


Zak, Nick, Aaron and their caddy review the scorecard. 960 1280


Zak shows decent form teeing off during the "GAC Invitational." 960 1280


10 Photos

Zak standing next to the hospital building at Pennhurst 960 1280


Nick and eyewitness Briana Pietropaula in the administration building. 960 1280


Aaron explores the grounds outside of the hospital building. 960 1280


The interior of the administration building. 960 1280


The interior of the hospital building. 960 1280


Two of the 20 Jacobean Revival buildings on the Pennhurst campus. 960 1280


Zak and Nick examine some of the graffiti on the walls of the administration building. 960 1280


Nick filming in the administration building. 960 1280


Zak wears a mask in the tunnels under Pennhurst to protect him from the asbestos. 960 1280


Aaron gets spooked during the lockdown in Pennhurst. 960 1280


These 19th-century gentlemen look just a bit menacing and dark! 960 1280


Close-up view of the vintage photograph taken at Gibson's Studio in Gettysburg, PA. 960 1280


Aaron poses with a revolver and rifle on the Gettysburg battlefield. 960 1280


Zoomed-in view of Aaron in a Civil War soldier's uniform. 960 1280


Nick strikes a similar pose at the Civil War encampment. 960 1280


Close-up view of Nick in his Civil War uniform. The photographer used the 19th-century wet plate collodion method. 960 1280


Zak poses for his Civil War re-enactor portrait. 960 1280


A close-up reveals a distant stare in Zak's battlefield photograph. 960 1280


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