Ghost Adventures: Halloween 2017

This Halloween, we’re invited to tour Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, NV — and we’re not the only ones on the guest list.

Ghost Adventures Crew

“This is our most extreme event, ever.” — Zak Bagans

The Haunted Museum

This Halloween, we’re invited to tour Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, NV — and we’re not the only ones on the guest list.

Inside the Museum

He’s invited a few special guests from the past to investigate his spirited site in order to answer one big question: Is this the most haunted museum in the world?

Zak Bagans

But before we kick this investigation off, let’s take a tour of Zak’s Haunted Museum, room by room.

Puppet Room

Anyone with a phobia of dolls may want to steer clear of the puppet room.

The Freak Show

Antique freak show cages are now empty and on display, but sadly these cages were once filled with unfortunate souls who were on display for the entertainment of others.

Spooked, Yet?

Taxidermy can certainly add an element of eeriness to any location, but especially to a haunted museum.

Skulls Galore

There's certainly no shortage of skulls here.

Hospital Room

A device known as the Iron Lung can be viewed in the medical room. This device was most commonly used to help ease the pain of polio victims in the early 1900s.

Caution: Dolls

For someone who doesn't like dolls, Zak sure put a lot of them in his Haunted Museum. But hey, if they scare him, they'll scare you, too!

Zak the Fortune Teller

Does this fortune teller look familiar to you? Zak created his own custom fortune telling machine inside his museum. Listen closely though, and you might be able to hear whose voice it is.

Dare to Enter?

There is no where you can't look inside the Haunted Museum without seeing an object or an artifact with a strange, interesting or frightening story behind it.

Nerve Center

A behind the scenes look at the biggest nerve center the GAC has ever operated from. It will be more than necessary for this particular investigation.

Meet the Fans

Meet Marty McCloskey, Alexandré Lemay a.k.a. Moonbeam and Greg Ludwig, the first fans lucky enough to see Zak's Haunted Museum before it opens. Although Zak isn't sure they are entirely aware about what world they are about to enter into.

Welcome to the Museum!

Oh, did we forget to mention the other important guest? Annabelle, the most evil doll in the world. Yeah, this special is not for the faint of heart.

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