Ghost Adventures: Haunted Savannah Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to Savannah, GA, to investigate 2 notorious locations -- Sorrel-Weed House and Gribble House -- that fortify Savannah's claim of being the most haunted city in America.


Eyewitness Murray Silver shows Zak around the basement of the Moon River Brewing Company. 960 1280


The crew explores the area around the brewery with tour guide James Caskey. 960 1280


Historic Savannah, GA. 960 1280


The Moon River Brewing Company in Savannah, GA. 960 1280


Eyewitness Cristina Piva tells the crew about her encounter with an aggressive entity. 960 1280


The crew looks for an opening to the underground tunnels. 960 1280


Nick and Aaron keep a lookout while Zak investigates an opening to the tunnels. 960 1280


Eyewitness Murray Silver shows Zak an old photograph of the Moon River Brewing Company. 960 1280


Zak sets up a static night vision camera near the ladder he placed on the rafters of the 4th floor. 960 1280


Aaron recovers after something brushes up behind him during the lockdown. 960 1280


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"Moon River kept me off guard from start to finish. For the first time I was partially possessed." --Nick 960 1280


"I've never experienced anything like the pagan ritual at Ancient Ram Inn. We heard growls coming from the altar." --Zak 960 1280


"An apparition, scratched by a demonic entity, 'Hell's Gate' ... AWESOME! Need I say more about Bobby Mackey's?" --Zak 960 1280


"I connected with, or 'channeled,' the sad spirit of Anna Corbin at Preston Castle." --Zak 960 1280


"It was like hunting in a horror movie. Linda Vista puts fear in your soul, so creepy." --Aaron 960 1280


"We could feel the voodoo spirits around us at Magnolia Plantation, and the hex was just crazy." --Aaron 960 1280


"The live event at Trans-Allegheny was an incredible way to show our fans what we go through during a lockdown." --Nick 960 1280


"Sloss rocked. It was like a jungle gym for us -- towers, tunnels and ladders. I'll never forget you, Slag!" --Zak 960 1280


"I experienced a lot of paranormal activity while I was stuck in the morgue at the former NJ asylum." --Nick 960 1280


"Pennhurst was so big and the tunnels so dark. Poltergeist activity was really strong there. It was a rush." --Aaron 960 1280


"I loved the Dracula and medieval feel of Edinburgh. I felt at home in the haunted, underground vaults." --Zak 960 1280


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