Ghost Adventures: Mackay Mansion

The Ghost Adventures crew returns to Virginia City, NV, to investigate two properties once owned by the legendary mining tycoon, John Mackay. During the intense lockdown, an unseen force pushes Jay down a flight of stairs, while Zak and Billy encounter a spirit who causes a light bulb to explode.

Mackay Mansion

The Ghost Adventures crew is in Virginia City, NV to look into the infamous—and deeply haunted—Mackay Mansion. 

Mackay Mansion

John Mackay purchased the building in 1875 and lived there for 20 years. But what mysterious entities haunt the historic home’s halls today? 

Mackay Mansion

The ornately decorated living room inside the Mackay Mansion. Throughout the home, sightings of a “shadow man,” the ghosts of two little girls and more have been reported. 

Mackay Mansion

A photography of John’s wife, Marie Louise Hungerford. 

Mackay Mansion

One of the bedrooms in the home. Think you could survive a night here?

Mackay Mansion

If you’ve had a paranormal experience at the Mackay Mansion, you’re certainly not alone. While shooting the film Dead Man, Johnny Depp stayed at the home and had an encounter with the ghost of a young girl. 

Mackay Mansion

An old-fashioned bathroom in the house. 

Mackay Mansion

The lovely exterior of the Mackay Mansion almost distracts you from the property’s dark past. Almost

Nick Guerra

Nick Guerra, owner of the Mackay Mansion, fills the team in on the mysterious happenings of the property and the lost souls that wander the grounds. 

Mackay Mansion

Check out that incredible view! (But don’t turn your back for too long.)

Dawn Dessaussois

Tour guide Dawn Dessaussois says she’s experienced plenty of activity while showing guests around the property. 

Dawn Dessaussois and Zak Bagans

Dawn reveals to Zak that she was once mysteriously shoved in the vaults while giving a tour. She believes the ghost responsible was trying to harm her. 

Mackay Mansion

Until next time, Virginia City. 

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