Ghost Adventures: Stardust Ranch

Ghost Adventures investigates extraterrestrial activity in Rainbow Valley, Arizona. During the investigation, the forces that inhabit Stardust Ranch signal that they don't welcome the attention by Zak Bagans and his crew.

Stardust Ranch

The Ghost Adventures crew heads to Stardust Ranch in Arizona. The owner, John Edmonds, says aliens are consistently contacting him here.

Stardust Ranch

The owner of Stardust Ranch, John Edmonds.

Stardust Ranch

The Ghost Adventures crew at Stardust Ranch in Arizona.

Stardust Ranch

The sunlit exterior of Stardust Ranch. 

Stardust Ranch

The main bedroom of Stardust Ranch. John Edmonds' wife says she was attacked by aliens here.

Stardust Ranch

John Edmonds is interviewed about his experiences at Stardust Ranch. 

Stardust Ranch

Dave Schrader and Billy Tolley take a tour of Stardust Ranch.

Stardust Ranch

John Edmonds believes this rock is a portal to extraterrestrial life.

Stardust Ranch

Dave Schrader meets Jay, Aaron and Zak at a church near the Stardust Ranch in Arizona.

Stardust Ranch

Dr. Brandy "Bee" Howe is interviewed at Stardust Ranch.

Travis Walton

Travis Walton outside of the payphone in Heber, Arizona where he says he made his first call from after being abducted by aliens for five days.

Travis Walton and Zak Bagans

Travis Walton talks to Zak Bagans about his encounters with extraterrestrial life forms.

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