Ghost Adventures: The Domes

Ghost Adventures  visits the Arizona desert to investigate the Casa Grande Domes, an abandoned manufacturing plant that became a home for Satanic rituals.

The Domes

The Ghost Adventures crew outside The Domes in Casa Grande, AZ. Originally, these structures were built as a space to build semiconductors, but became a place for people to perform satanic rituals after the buildings became vacant.

The Domes

People visit The Domes to practice satanic rituals.

The Domes

Since the 1990's The Domes have been used as a destination for people wishing to practice satanic rituals.

The Domes

Three 6s align one of the Domes.

The Domes

Graffiti lines most of The Domes in Casa Grande.

Prepping for the Investigation

The sun sets in Casa Grande as the Ghost Adventures crew prepare for the lockdown.

The Domes

Inside one of the many Domes.

The Domes

In one instance the Arizona police found over a hundred dead chickens in this dome.

Adam Forger

Adam Forger, paranormal investigator, has been investigating The Domes for over 10 years.

Palmer Miller

Palmer Miller, a paranormal investigator, outside of dome number 4.

Jesus Gonzalez

Jesus Gonzalez and his caretaker, Larry Winchester, outside of dome number 4. Gonzalez used to perform satanic rituals inside of this dome.

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