Ghost Adventures: Twin Bridges Orphanage

The Ghost Adventures crew is in Twin Bridges, Montana, to investigate the abandoned Twin Bridges Orphanage. During the intense lockdown, Jay captures a light anomaly moving from room to room, and Zak attempts to communicate with the spirit of a little girl.

Twin Bridges Orphanage

It’s off to the small town of Twin Bridges, MT for the Ghost Adventures crew as they prepare to investigate the Twin Bridges Orphanage. 

Twin Bridges Orphanage

Opened in 1894, the orphanage cared for more than 5,000 children over the course of 81 years. It closed its doors in 1975. 

Twin Bridges Orphanage

No one has ever investigated this nightmarish location before. What will the guys uncover? 

Twin Bridges Orphanage

A map of Europe still hangs in an abandoned classroom where children's voices have been heard.

Twin Bridges Orphanage

An auditorium where movies were screened for the children who lived here. But now, it feels eerie and empty following years of neglect. 

Twin Bridges Orphanage

The pool has been in a state of disrepair for so long, weeds have begun to take over the room.

Twin Bridges Orphanage

A pair of tennis shoes left behind. What happened to the owner? We may never know.

Twin Bridges Orphanage

Stacks of forgotten mattresses line the walls in an old dormitory building, which is completely covered in bird waste. 

Twin Bridges Orphanage

Leslie Adams has owned the property since 2005. She says she's heard the sound of children singing in the buildings. 

Leslie Adams and the crew

Leslie, who will be helping out with the investigation, refuses to enter the buildings after dark.

Janie Wasmann

Former employee and life-long Twin Bridges resident Janie Wasmann recalls some of the physical violence that took place here. With such a brutal past, it’s no wonder there are souls still wandering the halls. 

Twin Bridges Orphanage

The property also features an underground system of tunnels which connect all of the buildings. Jay Wasley will explore the dark tunnels on his own—hopefully he has a good flashlight. 

Twin Bridges Cemetery

Zak Bagans pays his respects to the children buried at Twin Bridges Cemetery.

Twin Bridges Orphanage

Zak reads off all the names of the children who are commemorated on this headstone that was laid in 1995, including "those unknown." 

Twin Bridges Orphanage

Let's step inside. 

Ghost Adventures takes on Twin Bridges Orphanage Saturday, Nov. 26 at 9|8c.

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