Ghost Adventures: Yost Theatre Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the unexplained events that haunt employees at the Yost Theatre and the adjoining Ritz Hotel in Santa Ana, CA.
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Zak, Nick and Aaron get shots inside the Yost Theatre.

The theater opened in 1917 in Santa Ana, CA, and it’s currently a nightclub.

It also happens to be the spot where Ernest Ball, composer of "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling,” dropped dead in the dressing room following a show in 1927.

Zak reviews footage at the Yost Theatre with the founder of the Valley Investigators of the Paranormal, the only other group to have investigated the theatre.

Zak hopes their investigation will uncover evidence of the paranormal as he prepares for their riveting 3-part lockdown.

Zak, Nick and Aaron pay a visit to the Santa Ana Historical Society, located in the Howe-Waffle House, to obtain more history of the theater and hotel.

But through interviews at the Howe-Waffle House, the guys learn that it may also be haunted.

The Howe-Waffle House was home to a husband and wife, who were both physicians and built the mansion in 1889.

The doctors, Alvin and Willella Howe, practiced medicine in their home. During their investigation, the guys find out that the doctors actually performed illegal abortions inside the house many years ago.

Zak, Nick and Aaron take a photo with paranormal investigator Ernie Alonzo who has also examined the Howe-Waffle House.

The parlor remains beautifully preserved at the Howe-Waffle House.

Zak stands outside of the Howe-Waffle House, which has been completely restored to appear as if Dr. Willella Howe could emerge at any moment.

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