Jerome Grand Hotel

Zak, Nick and Aaron arrive in a town called "Ghost City" and try to mollify angry spirits terrorizing residents and visitors.


11 Photos

Zak learns about one of the "tainted angels" of the Bird Cage Theater. 960 1280


Nick investigates near the poker tables. 960 1280


Photographs of the "soiled doves" at the Bird Cage Theater. 960 1280


Aaron looks around the saloon. 960 1280


A Bird Cage employee shows Zak a photograph. 960 1280


The Black Moriah, Tombstone's horse-drawn hearse. 960 1280


A view of main street Tombstone. 960 1280


The crew explores an abandoned silver mine. 960 1280


Zak inside Brunkow's silver mine. 960 1280


Zak provokes spirits using a gun as a trigger object. 960 1280


Zak and Nick hear voices while sitting at the poker table. 960 1280


14 Photos

This ironwood "Hanging Tree" tree was used for many of the executions that occurred in this lawless gold-rush town. 960 1280


Zak takes a stroll with his dog near the Vulture Mine. 960 1280


A collapsed building near Vulture Mine. 960 1280


Nick readies a camera inside the old schoolhouse. 960 1280


Nick and Aaron ride all-terrain vehicles. 960 1280


Nick prepares a camera for the lockdown. 960 1280


Zak contemplates the spirit energy on-site at Vulture Mine. 960 1280


Aaron films Zak conducting an interview. 960 1280


Aaron takes video of Zak inside the assay office at Vulture Mine. 960 1280


Gold bars were stored in this underground vault, which was sacked several times by bandits. 960 1280


Paranormal investigators have detected EVPs inside many of the abandoned structures such as this one near Vulture Mine. 960 1280


Another interior view of the assay office, which is the focus of much of the dark energy around Vulture Mine. 960 1280


Vulture Mine really is in the middle of nowhere in the Arizona desert. 960 1280


Nick and Aaron film Zak interviewing an expert inside the Vulture Mine assay office. 960 1280


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