Rocky Point Manor

Go behind the scenes as the guys investigate troubled Rocky Point Manor and a Civil War battlefield.
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Zak, Nick & Aaron embark on a journey to Harrodsburg, Kentucky in two-part lockdown, where the guys will investigate the troubled Rocky Point Manor and, for their first time ever, a Civil War battlefield.

Later, the guys travel 20 miles to the Perryville Battlefield, the site of one of the bloodiest Civil War battles fought.

The Rocky Point Manor is a centuries old home that has seen a great deal of distress, from late 18th century pioneer and Native American conflicts to makeshift surgeries when it was used as a temporary hospital during the Civil War.

Jay Wasley helps Zak, Aaron, and Nick get prepared for the lockdown.

Zak shares an artifact with Aaron and Nick outside of the house.

Zak with Justin Engelhardt, a local paranormal investigator and brother of the owner of Rocky Point Manor.

Due to contamination of the property, the guys were forced to protect themselves in hazmat suits.

The guys learn about a mass burial of all the fallen Confederate soldiers during the battles took place at the location.

Zak inspects the soil during the investigation.

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