Travel Hosts Exposed, Week of Jan 5, 2011

Steven Rinella's son Jim gets a taste of the Wild, Andrew Zimmern celebrates the New Year in Maui and more.


Aaron has an axe to grind outside the Villisca house. 960 1280


Nick and Zak review some video footage. 960 1280


This child's bedroom was the scene of one of several unspeakable crimes committed at the Moore family home in Villisca, IA. 960 1280


Aaron and Nick set up for a shot of Zak by the Villisca town sign. 960 1280


Zak, Nick and Aaron pose in front of the house with interview subjects John Houser and Roland Saenz. 960 1280


Zak interviews DarWinn Linn, the owner of the Villisca Axe Murder House, near a cornfield. 960 1280


Zak, Nick and Aaron at the Montgomery County Courthouse, site of the original trial for the Villisca murders. 960 1280


Nick, Aaron and Zak pose for a photo with Johnny Houser, a paranormal expert who lives next door to the Villisca Axe Murder House. 960 1280


Nick sets up a camera to interview Patty Williamson, a former occupant of the house. 960 1280


Another photo of the guys outside the Villisca Axe Murder House. 960 1280


Close-up of the Moore family's piano. 960 1280


The guys chat with DarWinn Linn on the porch. 960 1280


A camera is placed for Zak's narration outside the Villisca house. 960 1280


The guest bedroom room where 2 neighborhood girls who were sleeping over at the Moore house were murdered. 960 1280


Zak, Aaron and Nick are photographed among the corn stalks. 960 1280


Zak relaxes in his throne by the fireplace. 960 1280


We spy a caged skeleton gathering cobwebs in a dark corner. 960 1280


Zak welcomes viewers into his humble abode (read: dark dungeon). 960 1280


The guys take their places to count down the creepiest Horror Hotels and Deadly Hospital lockdowns. 960 1280


How else would you light up a dungeon but with a skeleton lamp? 960 1280


Nick seems a little intimidated by his surroundings. 960 1280


A mummy keeps guard outside of the dungeon's jail cell. 960 1280


The fireplace serves as an altar for lots of candles, skulls and gargoyles. 960 1280


Nick dressed appropriately for the occasion: That's the ghost from Linda Vista on his shirt. 960 1280


Zak and Nick take 5 by the spiral staircase that leads to the rest of the house. 960 1280


"Kane got his pay back for me choking him out last night. Damn." ' Aaron Goodwin 960 1280


Zak Bagans and the boys go on a little field trip. 960 1280


Aaron Goodwin poses with actor Danny Trejo at Scarefest. 960 1280


"All nerves-excited and borderline barfing! At Barnes and Noble Bookstore in NYC. Signing in 10 minutes!" ' Adam Richman 960 1280


Behind-the-scenes with Adam Richman at The Martha Stewart Show. 960 1280


"I have become a cookie. Life is complete. Thanks to Ali's Cookies in Marietta, GA, for this surprise!" ' Adam Richman 960 1280


"Early morning jog to the Improv to break in my #toughmudder gloves...I'll be there tonight, 2 shows." ' Bert Kreischer 960 1280


"A pic from my pal @Jordan_Husney's meal @WondrousAwfulKitchen in MPLS. You can't make this crap up." - Andrew Zimmern 960 1280