Travel Hosts Exposed, Week of Jan 5, 2011

Steven Rinella's son Jim gets a taste of the Wild, Andrew Zimmern celebrates the New Year in Maui and more.


Welcome to the Magnolia Hotel

Welcome to the Magnolia Hotel

Are you ready for a ghost hunt? The Ghost Adventures crew stands across the street from the Magnolia Hotel.  960 1280


Outside the Magnolia Hotel

Outside the Magnolia Hotel

In the late 1800s, the Magnolia Hotel was a 2-bedroom stagecoach stop. 960 1280


Inside the Abandoned Magnolia Hotel

Inside the Abandoned Magnolia Hotel

Later turned into apartments and then abandoned in the 1900s, the Magnolia Hotel has long been a place for squatters and prostitution. 960 1280


1874 Murder

1874 Murder

In 1874, when William Faust was staying at the Magnolia Hotel, he left his room to go kill his wife with an ax. Instead, he murdered a young girl named Emma. His wife survived but was blinded in the attack. 960 1280


William Faust's Hotel Stay

William Faust's Hotel Stay

The former room of William Faust and the center of much of the hotel’s paranormal activity. Seven people have claimed to have been attacked by Faust in this room. 960 1280


Ghost Tracks

Ghost Tracks

Aaron and Jay film Zak at the haunted railroad crossing that’s known as Ghost Tracks — where locals have reported that ghost children push cars uphill and over the railroad tracks. 960 1280


Signs of Magnolia's Past

Signs of Magnolia's Past

Vintage photographs inside the Magnolia Hotel, which has had at least 14 owners during its 150 years in operation. 960 1280


Filming at Magnolia Hotel

Filming at Magnolia Hotel

Aaron and Jay capture footage from outside the Magnolia Hotel. 960 1280


Zak Bagans at Magnolia Hotel

Zak Bagans at Magnolia Hotel

Zak sets up the lighting inside the Magnolia Hotel. 960 1280


14 Photos

This ironwood "Hanging Tree" tree was used for many of the executions that occurred in this lawless gold-rush town. 960 1280


Zak takes a stroll with his dog near the Vulture Mine. 960 1280


A collapsed building near Vulture Mine. 960 1280


Nick readies a camera inside the old schoolhouse. 960 1280


Nick and Aaron ride all-terrain vehicles. 960 1280


Nick prepares a camera for the lockdown. 960 1280


Zak contemplates the spirit energy on-site at Vulture Mine. 960 1280


Aaron films Zak conducting an interview. 960 1280


Aaron takes video of Zak inside the assay office at Vulture Mine. 960 1280


Gold bars were stored in this underground vault, which was sacked several times by bandits. 960 1280


Paranormal investigators have detected EVPs inside many of the abandoned structures such as this one near Vulture Mine. 960 1280


Another interior view of the assay office, which is the focus of much of the dark energy around Vulture Mine. 960 1280


Vulture Mine really is in the middle of nowhere in the Arizona desert. 960 1280


Nick and Aaron film Zak interviewing an expert inside the Vulture Mine assay office. 960 1280


Super Fan: When the McLain family -- regular attendees of Comic Con -- learned that Zak, Nick and Aaron were in attendance, they rushed over to the booth as fast as they could. Their son William is a huge fan, and they couldn't miss a chance for him to meet the stars of his favorite show. Even though it was the end of the day, the guys posed for this photo, which currently hangs on William's wall. 960 1280


Fan Evidence: This photo was taken October 17, 2011, at the Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, NY. Once photographer Gina Buccellato found this image, she began calling the manor to learn more about its past residents, but has yet to receive closure on the matter. 960 1280


Super Fan: These photos, taken by Beth Matheson, depict her son doing his best Zak Bagans impression. 960 1280


Super Fan (con't): Obviously, he has the shirt, hairdo, and stance down pat. 960 1280


Fan Evidence: This photo was taken many years ago, when Dawn Carman (now a grown woman) was only 5 or 6 years old. She is not sure who the ghost is, but suspects that it might be the spirit of her late brother, watching over her. 960 1280


Super Fan: This photo shows beyond a doubt that Megan Boeh is not only one of the biggest Ghost Adventures fans out there, but that she is also among the best pumpkin carvers the world has ever seen! 960 1280


Fan Evidence: This photo was captured by Realms of the Unknown Investigations of Idaho on an old haunted bridge in Caldwell, ID. It was about 8PM when someone heard footsteps, and began snapping photos. This was the picture that was taken, which appears to show a ghost leaning against the bridge. 960 1280

Matthew Boyer  

Super Fan: This photo features Zak posing with Stevie Rabino, a Ghost Adventures lover who often (according to his mother) dresses like a 'Mini-Me Zak.' 960 1280

Jami Rabino  

Fan Evidence: This photo was captured by Tamara Bell in Connersville, Indiana. The window seen is on the second floor of a mansion on Second Street, once known as a home for the disabled. 960 1280


Super Fan: Artist Stephanie Shoap spent 18 hours over three days creating this painting, the idea for which popped into her head one day during the opening credits of Ghost Adventures, and stuck there until she finally decided to get it out. 960 1280


Fan Evidence: This photo was captured by Melissa Hearton at the Whaley House, a building that Travel Channel has called the most haunting building in America! 960 1280


Super Fan: Nicole Marshall was at a food festival in Las Vegas when her daughter Willow saw Aaron and Zak, and remembered them as the guys 'dressed like old soldiers' from the Gettysburg episode. Aaron and Zak posed for this photo with Willow, who now wants to be a ghost investigator when she grows up. 960 1280


Fan Evidence: This picture was taken in Fort Smith, Arkansas during an Easter Party in 2010. Jessica Hall was taking a photo of her son Keegan holding balloons, and she was absolutely blown away by the pink orb that revealed itself. 960 1280


Super Fan: Scott Songer and a few friends were watching a Ghost Adventures marathon, when talk turned toward dressing up like Zak. They got the smallest shirts they could find with wispy skulls and crosses on them, but found their 'guns' not nearly big enough to make the shirts as tight as Zak manages. They rounded the look off with baggy jeans, front-tucked shirt, and spiked hair. Unfortunately, none of them could find any awesome belt buckles. 960 1280


Fan Evidence: When Mary Aguirre's son Aarin was born in 1993, he came down with pneumonia and had to be put in the Natal Intensive Care Unit for a week. His aunt came to visit, but because she was not allowed in, she took some pictures from outside the room (if you look closely, you can see a nurse holding Aarin up in the back of the picture). Mary believes that the figures in this photo are angels looking over the babies. 960 1280


Super Fan: Chris Cherney created this drawing with an addiction to Ghost Adventures, combined with a few hours of sketching and a few days of coloring it in and adding texture on his computer. He added in Zak, Nick and Aaron's most notable sayings, and voila! 960 1280

Chris Cherney  

Fan Evidence: The strange anomaly in these pictures was captured by 2 different cameras, at different angles, by the Northern California Paranormal Researchers. 960 1280

Joe Casolo  

Super Fan: This tattoo, on the arm of Ernesto Lara, was designed by his fiancee Isabel Valencia. The little girl is an angel, and her head is turned away to symbolize that spirits sometimes need help to be shown the light. And it features Ghost Adventures because they have changed his life and inspired him to become a paranormal investigator. 960 1280


Fan Evidence: These shots were taken by Catskill Paranormal while on an investigation in Upstate New York. They were taken seconds apart, and it appears that the figure's head actually moves! 960 1280

Rich Justus  

Super Fan: This picture features young Josephine Robards, as she gets ready for another episode of her favorite show. (Mom and dad are big fans, too!) 960 1280

Leah Robards  

Fan Evidence: Mitch Russell took this photo at the Buffalo Central Terminal as he was leaving a model train show, where he felt he was being watched or followed the entire time. It wasn't until hours later when he got home and found what he had captured. 960 1280


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