What We Did On Our Winter Break

Zak, Nick and Aaron share photos from their winter break adventures.

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Aaron, Zak and Nick pose with their ride-along police officer. 960 1280


Abandoned boots found inside the tragic tunnels that connect many bars and restaurants in Old Town, "Chinatown." 960 1280


People claim in the 1850s the tunnels were used to kidnap or "shanghai" people and sell them illegally to man the trading ships. 960 1280


Aaron, Zak & Nick interviewing outside of the tunnels. 960 1280


The tunnels were used to hold and later transport the kidnapped crew to the harbors. 960 1280


Zak takes a moment to talk to a homeless woman and her dog. 960 1280


A trap door that was once used to trick unsuspecting locals into the tunnels. 960 1280


Zak inspects the street entrance of the tunnels. 960 1280


Zak and Nick outside the lockdown where they hope to unearth the spirits that still haunt Hobo's Restaurant & Lounge. 960 1280


The guys learn about the legend of Nina, a former prostitute who knew about the horrors of the underground. 960 1280


When she shared these stories with a local missionary, they in turn went to the cops. The next day, she was found dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft. 960 1280