Ghost Adventures: Nopeming Sanatorium

Ghost Adventures is in Duluth, MN, to investigate the Nopeming Sanatorium, where thousands of lives were lost to tuberculosis and spirits of the dead can still be heard echoing in the hallways.

Ghost Adventures: Sallie House Pictures

Zak, Aaron, Billy and Jay arrive in Atchison, KS, to investigate paranormal activity at the Sallie House. Is the dark spirit a little girl or an evil entity?

Ghost Adventures: Bell Witch Cave Pictures

The Ghost Adventures crew makes history as the first paranormal TV show to investigate one of the most iconic ghost stories: the Bell Witch. Explore the Bell Witch Cave and its surrounding area

Ghost Adventures: Island of the Dolls Pictures

The Ghost Adventures crew conducts a special investigation of the infamously creepy Island of the Dolls south of Mexico City.

Ghost Adventures: Ireland's Celtic Demons

The Ghost Adventures crew travels to the mythical countryside of Ireland for the ultimate investigation of Leap Castle, Hellfire Club and Loftus Hall, where the devil himself once visited.

Ghost Adventures: Lemp Mansion & Brewery Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate Lemp Mansion and Brewery in St. Louis. After years of tragedy, this once-great American brewing establishment is now one of the country's 10 most haunted locations.

Ghost Adventures: Zozo Demon Pictures

Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin travel to Oklahoma City to investigate a house terrorized by the legendary Zozo Demon, which gains entry into the house through a "spirit board."

Ghost Adventures: Queen Mary Pictures

Come aboard the Queen Mary, a grand ocean liner that sailed from the 1930s to 1960s and is now permanently dock 500

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