Ghost Adventures: Freak Show Murder House

13 Photos

Zak and the crew investigate the site of a 1996 double murder in Los Angeles' Chatsworth neighborhood. The guys gather chilling evidence of paranormal activity and are lured away from the location against their will.

Ghost Adventures: Stone Lion Inn

14 Photos

The Ghost Adventures crew investigates the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, OK, where it is said the owner performs satanic rituals in the local cemetery. Zak also uncovers the truth about what happened to the famous outlaw Elmer McCurdy after his death.

Ghostly Tales and Spirited Stories from the White House

12 Photos

Some say spirits roam the White House. They've heard laughter echo in the halls, felt eerie cold spots and watched apparitions float through doors. Think new commanders-in-chief are forewarned they may not be the only occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Ghost Adventures: Dakota's Sanatorium of Death

11 Photos

The Ghost Adventures crew visits North Dakota to explore the San Haven Sanatorium. During the investigation, Zak almost suffers an injury, the crew encounters a slew of disturbing energies and they capture a horrifying EVP.

Ghost Adventures: Zalud House

11 Photos

The Ghost Adventures crew investigates the historic Zalud House in Porterville, CA. Zak learns about a severely haunted chair where a Zalud family member was murdered and each person that sits in it is affected.

Ghost Adventures: Dumas Brothel

13 Photos

The guys travel to Butte, Montana, to investigate the Dumas Brothel, where something malevolent lurks inside what was once the longest-running bordello in the nation. 

Ghost Adventures: Vacation Lockdown

10 Photos

You've seen the Ghost Adventures crew investigate the world's most haunted places. In dusk-to-dawn lockdowns, they've felt the grip of clammy hands, heard eerie moans and chased orbs of light. Think you've got what it takes to do your own vacation lockdown? Find out at one of these spirited sites. 

Ghost Adventures: Twin Bridges Orphanage

15 Photos

The Ghost Adventures crew is in Twin Bridges, Montana, to investigate the abandoned Twin Bridges Orphanage. During the intense lockdown, Jay captures a light anomaly moving from room to room, and Zak attempts to communicate with the spirit of a little girl.

Ghost Adventures: St. Anne's Retreat

11 Photos

The Ghost Adventures crew investigates St. Anne's Retreat, where in 1997 a group of teenagers, drawn to the property for its legends of dead nuns and hellhounds, were held hostage and terrorized by three armed security guards.

Ghost Adventures: Metlen Hotel

11 Photos

The Ghost Adventures crew is in Dillon, Montana, investigating the historic Metlen Hotel. As night falls, the crew executes a wildly active lockdown in which Aaron is trapped on the infamous third floor with horrifying results.

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