Meet the Cast of Girls Gone Bayou

Meet the cast of the new Travel Channel web series, Girls Gone Bayou.

Video: Girls Gone Bayou Sneak Peek

Get an early look at Girls Gone Bayou, putting the dirty back in blonde!

Girls Gone Bayou Sneak Peek


Get an early look at Girls Gone Bayou, putting the dirty back in blonde!

Lindsey Simmons

With her Southern accent, blonde highlights and a wardrobe that would make any fashionista jealous, Lindsey Simmons is more than a Southern diva; she’s a brainy belle taking the helm of Simmons' Sporting Goods in Bastrop, LA, one of the most successful outdoor recreation businesses not only in the South but in the entire United States, bringing in millions of dollars in sales every year. With a marketing degree from Louisiana State University in hand, Lindsey’s now making it her business to learn the language of her customers -- anything and everything about hunting and fishing. So Lindsey’s brought on board her blonde bombshell BFFs (and outdoor pros), Lori and Kila, to help.

Lori Griffis

Lori is Lindsey’s right-hand girl at Simmons', working retail and the store’s restaurant. Lori’s tiny, but she’s a spitfire with a big personality who knows her way around a gun. She also owns a small working farm, raising chickens, pigs and cows. And yes, she knows how to drive a tractor.

Kila Gathright

Kila grew up with a love of hunting and fishing in a small town in Arkansas before she met Lindsey in college. She still keeps in touch with her small-town roots, hunting, hanging out at the river and mud-riding on a 4-wheeler. But Kila’s got a girly side, too. She combines her rough-and-ready side with her girly side in the store by helping customers with outdoor clothing gear and teaching them shooting techniques.

Jeff Simmons

Jeff Simmons is the patriarch of the Simmons family and the man behind the Simmons' Sporting Goods name, growing it into the fifth-largest sporting goods store in the country. The store, smack in the middle of a hunting utopia of swamps and marshes in Louisiana and within just a few hours’ drive of Arkansas, Texas and Mississippi, is near and dear to Simmons’ heart -- now he’s having a hard time passing the reins to his daughter, Lindsey.

Robin Simmons

Robin is the matriarch of the Simmons family and works in the clothing and apparel section of the store. Robin’s been by Jeff’s side since the store’s beginning; now she’s letting her daughter, Lindsey, make her own decisions (and mistakes) as she takes over running the store. Robin thinks that throwing her daughter into the fire is the only way she’ll learn and become a true leader -- is she right?

Hunter Simmons

Lindsey's brother, Hunter, believes he is the true heir apparent to the Simmons' Sporting Goods store helm -- but he's still in college. When Hunter was 5, he was playing "salesman" in the store and trying to sell plastic ducks to customers. Now he often bumps heads with his sister, Lindsey, on how to run the store and competes with her outside when he’s back from school. Who will win this high-stakes game of sibling rivalry?
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