Top 10 Hunting Tips for Girls


Lindsey and her gal pals, Lori and Kila, know a thing or two about hunting and fishing -- in style. Get Lindsey's tips on how to fit in with the boys and still be feminine and fierce.

10. Buy clothes that fit your body!
The worst thing is to wear hunting clothes that are too bulky; you can’t move around! Under Armour is my personal go-to hunting line. They have awesome form-fitting hunting clothing that gives you all the same technical aspects you need, but you won’t look like a blimp.

9. Put a little color on, honey … on your face, that is. Just because you want to be "one with nature" doesn’t mean you should look like a swamp creature! After all, you might kill something and need to take a picture with it.

8. NEVER wear perfume!
The deer will smell you from a mile away. Save it for Saturday night. Buy scent-free shampoo, deodorant, even ChapStick. If you really want to piss a guy off, show up for a deer hunt smelling to high heaven. He won’t be happy.

7. Don’t be high maintenance.
Nothing is more annoying than a girl who is freaked out by bugs, dirt and the thought of missing her morning Starbucks. GET OVER IT!

6.  SHUT UP! Don’t talk!
This applies to deer hunters. Keep super-quiet and enjoy the silence. This is not a social sport.  It’s actually pretty nice to get away!

5. Dress warm!
There are so many things on the market now to keep you toasty. Under Armour has the best insulated underwear that will keep your body temperature up -- and your whining down.

4. Don’t act like you know everything. Guys think they know everything anyway, and when it comes to hunting, sister, look out! You have to walk the walk. SHOW people you are a bad ass. Then smile politely when you kill a bigger deer than they do.

3. Do your research. The hunting industry is always coming out with new, innovative things for you to try. They are working to keep you warmer, get you closer and help you shoot more accurately. Everybody can use a little help.

2. Do NOT cry. If you go hunting, animals will die. Prepare yourself mentally for this. You will not get invited again if you turn on the waterworks when Bambi goes down. Not to sound inhumane, but we kill animals for food around here. Just know that this is the circle of life. After all, someone, somewhere, killed that steak you ate last night. Calm down!

1.  Have fun! Hunting can be as fun -- or as boring and horrible -- as you make it. If you are deer hunting, enjoy the silence. We rarely get much of that. If you are duck hunting, enjoy the camaraderie of your friends. Talking and laughing when the ducks aren’t flying are some of my favorite hunting memories.

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