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Great Burger Joints in the Middle of Nowhere

Hamburger expert and photographer George Motz gives us 5 great choices for a day trip into the middle of nowhere for a great burger.

"The Moonshine Store is way out there. It sits, by itself, at a truly rural crossroads in East Central Illinois surrounded by cornfields. The nearest city is hours away so enjoy the endless 2-lane roads through the heart of farm country." - George Motz 960 1280

George Motz  

"The Moonburger is the only thing on the menu at the Moonshine Store. A condiment table provides limitless options, but I prefer mine plain. For me, the Moonburger's own juices are condiment enough."
- George Motz
960 1280

George Motz  

"Brookings is a pretty big town, but the closest major city (Minneapolis) is over 4 hours away. The classic burger counter has been in the same spot since 1929 and barely a thing has changed." - George Motz 960 1280

George Motz  

"The burgers at Nick's are small but pack a tasty punch. That's because they are cooked the old-fashioned way, in a tank of rendered beef fat. The only condiment available is a housemade mustardy pickle relish that has been at Nick's since the beginning." - George Motz 960 1280

George Motz  

"I was very lost trying to find the 105 for the first time; not surprisingly, my cell phone had no reception here. What was once only a gas station/grocery store has now become a destination for great burgers to travelers willing to venture off (way off) the interstate between Houston and Austin." - George Motz 960 1280

George Motz  

"The tasty burgers at 105 Grocery are available as a double, but beware -- the patties weigh in at around 1/2 pound each, making a double a full pound of beef. Grab a beer from the cooler and strike up a conversation with a stranger, some of the friendliest in America." - George Motz 960 1280

George Motz  

"There's not much in Gunder, IA. At one point this tiny town surrounded by rolling cornfields was almost wiped off the map (literally). But almost 30 years ago, an enterprising chef at The Irish Shanti created a burger so ridiculous that Gunder remained on the official map of Iowa." - George Motz 960 1280

George Motz  

"The Gunderburger is ridiculous but so tasty. It'll be your only meal of the day so skip breakfast. Chef Hans purposely uses a standard-sized white squishy bun to enhance the protruding 1-lb. patty and its cartoonish pile of ingredients. You'll need a nap after this one." - George Motz 960 1280

George Motz  

"This tiny burger shack is truly a destination. Hours from Oklahoma City in Mangum, Slick's is not on the way to anything. It's about as simple as it gets -- fresh ground beef burgers served at a walkup window (there is a community table in the kitchen for those in the know.)" - George Motz 960 1280

George Motz  

"Cooked on a flattop griddle and served on a toasted white squishy bun, the Giant Double Cheeseburger is hamburger perfection and comes standard with lettuce, tomato, chopped onion, pickles and mustard. I want one now." - George Motz 960 1280

George Motz  

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