Unlocking the Keys

In the Florida Keys, Marcus explores the myth of legendary pirate Black Caesar with author David Sloan. To learn more about treasure hunting, he joins Sean Fisher and his team as they search for the remaining treasure of the Spanish galleon, Atocha. He visits historian Tom Hambright to discuss Dutchy Melbourne and his early 20th century gang of thieves and arsonists, and dons forty pounds of gear in a smoke-filled building to experience a fire rescue first-hand. And, Marcus gets a dose of the outlaw spirit in the strange story of Bum Farto, the drug smuggling fire chief and joins the Coast Guard on the Key Biscayne cutter to see how they catch drug smugglers today. The outlaw mystique of the Florida Keys is one reason people come here for a weekend and stay for a lifetime.

Kurt Cobain & The Barefoot Bandit

Seattle is a town full of dreamers that nurtures the rise and fall of a genius. The death of Kurt Cobain is a mystery that obsesses fans, cops and conspiracy theorists. In the San Juan Islands, Colton Harris Moore committed over 80 thefts and burglaries. The surveillance video capturing him without shoes named him "The Barefoot Bandit" and through Facebook, he became a new folk hero. For over two years, he'd borrow boats and steal planes. Though eventually caught, everyone suspects this isn't the end of Colton's tale. In addition to speaking with those who know these stories intimately, Marcus attempts to understand these infamous men better by jamming with a grunge band, learning toxicology, and feeling the adrenaline rush of flying and landing a plane on his own. Renegade energy. This describes two men with different stories that share one thing; huge dreams with nothing to lose. Seattle is a place where the exceptional is possible.

Terror on the Tundra

Hunting is to Alaska what golf is to Pebble Beach: both an engine of the economy and part of the culture. Here in Anchorage, Marcus does some "hunting" of his own as he explores the city's most notorious characters. He teams up with paranormal experts to hunt down the ghost of Anchorage's first police chief, then sees what it's like to be the one hunted as he and a professional tracker walk in the footsteps of Robert Hansen's victims. Finally, he takes on the more traditional definition of the role, shooting a bow to understand the pressure an undercover wildlife agent faced when bringing down a ruthless poaching camp.

Sid and Nancy & Son of Sam

If ever there was a city that's everything to everyone, it's New York. Frenetic, dense, claustrophobic, it's a constant pulse of life, the beating heart of America. To get closer to the era that haunts him the most, Marcus walks in the footsteps of three of the 1970's most epic criminals: sadistic serial killer Son of Sam, who for one summer, held the entire city hostage; Harlem gangster Nicky Barnes, who vertically integrated the heroin market; and ruined prince of punk rock Sid Vicious, who allegedly murdered his girlfriend in cold blood.

Fear in the French Quarter

Arguably the most unique city in America, New Orleans is a complicated place, a steamy world of colliding cultures and festering corruption. Here, Marcus faces down its demons investigating crimes from two eras: the horrifying cruelties of sadistic 19th century socialite, Madame LaLaurie, and the cruel war waged by Marc Essex on the entire city in the 1970s.

Dark Side of D.C.

It is the nerve center of America, the heart of government and the pulse of politics. It is a city sculpted out of marble, monuments, and history. But for every hallowed hall dedicated to truth and justice, there are dilapidated streets littered with poverty, crime, and corruption. It is a place people look to for wisdom and leadership, but it is also a place infused with murder, scandals, and lies. Marcus goes behind the façade of our nation's capitol to investigate three notorious crimes that have left their mark on Washington D.C. Marcus takes aim at the story of the Beltway Snipers, a pair of sociopaths who imposed their will on innocent people, killing at random and from afar. Marcus looks deep into the shadowy world of spies and the case of Robert Hanssen, a top FBI agent who betrayed his country for over two decades by selling deadly secrets to the Russians. Marcus delves into the world of spies and Hanssen's double life by talking to two men who knew him well, or thought they knew him. Marcus turns his focus to the shocking "rise and fall and rise again" career of Mayor Marion Barry. Marcus analyzes Barry's sordid history of accomplishments and addictions only to find a story of power and weakness 500

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