Renovating the Telemark Hotel and Resort

Interior designer Blanche Garcia shares her latest tips and techniques for renovating the Telemark Hotel and Resort in Cable, WI.

Fabric Art

The most cost effective art is art you make yourself. I wanted to tie the colorful fabric I used in the window valance to the room by using the fabric scraps as art. First decide what size art you want. You can create one large 24x36 piece or group smaller 5x8's together for a visual impact. Take the cardboard or paper that comes with the frame out and use it as a template to trace your fabric. Turn the fabric with the back side facing up and use the cardboard to trace out the shape with a pencil. Next cut out the shape you just made using a scissors. Then take your fabric that you just cut out and secure in the frame between the glass and the backing. When your done you will have created your own graphic artwork

Fabric Window Cornice

Measure your intended window and add about 3" on either side of the window molding for your cornice measurement. Cut the side pieces to give yourself about a 3-4" projection from the wall. Nail the front piece of wood to the sides. You want to make sure the height is enough to be a few inches above the window as well as cover the molding, and finishes a few inches into the window glass. Next wrap polly wrap around the wood and secure with a staple gun. Now lay the cornice faced down and centered on the fabric, with the front of the fabric faced down. Now cut the fabric with enough room to wrap the cornice. Leave some extra fabric when you estimate. You can always cut the excess off as you wrap the cornice. Try to keep the edges neat by folding over the edges in a straight line when you staple them down. Also make sure you staple the material on the back of the cornice. Lastly use metal L brackets to secure above the window and your custom cornice is all done.

Visual Time Line

This can be done with family photos along the center of a wall or hung right under ceiling molding. The trick is to use the same color frames. Place the images that mean something to you in the time line in which they happened. Under each image you will put the year in which it happened. You can write it on a piece of wood, thick card stock, or paint it on. I love the idea of painting a small 3" by 6" rectangle under the picture using chalk board paint. Then you can write the date in chalk. Either way this project is always unique because no one ever has the same pictures.
Telemark Hotel and Resort in Cable, WI
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