10 Ways to Make Your Hotel Stay Memorable


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Anthony Melchiorri, host of Hotel Impossible, gives you his list of the top 10 things to do when checking in to a hotel. From examining the quilt to spraying Lysol on everything you touch, his extensive checklist will make sure you can rest easy.

1. Do your own spot cleaning. Housekeepers work tirelessly, but like all of us, they are not perfect. Bring a can of Lysol and spray anything you might touch (remotes, doorknobs,  faucets, etc.). If there is a white duvet on the bed and it’s spotless, it has probably just been washed. If it’s not white, pull it off. It probably hasn’t been washed. The same goes for the throw pillows. Wash the cups and dishes — even in a 5-star hotel.

2. Demand free Internet and water.

3. Use the latch and the double bolt. Always.

4. Separate your key from your key packet.

5. Tip your housekeeper and bellhop well! If you are staying in a hotel more than 1 night, there is no guarantee that you will have the same housekeeper, so tip every day: $5 a day for 3-star hotels, $10 for 4-star and $20 for 5-star. Hotels with more stars have more amenities and (typically) larger rooms, meaning more work for the housekeeper. No more dollar tips, please!

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6. Check that the iron is empty! You never know what the last guest filled it up with. Yes, I have had a guest pee in an iron. Did I mention the coffeepot?

7. Use your safe! Do not leave valuables lying around your room.

8. Ask for 2 wake-up calls.

9. Go as early as possible when complimentary breakfast is offered.

10. Ask for a free night if you are stuck in an elevator — even for a minute. Things happen, but there is no reason you should be scared for your life while on vacation.

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