Underwear, Under Where?

Anthony heads to Gatlinburg, TN, located in the heart of the popular Smoky Mountains, to address the 120-room Brookside Resort. Being at the foot of Great Smoky Mountain National Park, the most visited National Park, hotels in the area have high occupancy rates. Despite the hundreds of thousands of annual visitors, the Brookside is not getting tourists to stay there, and those who have speak negatively about the hotel online. When Anthony arrives at the hotel, which sits on five acres of land and includes a number of different pools, he notices they are full of unsightly leaves and muck, and the gate leading to the pools is unlocked, which presents a dangerous hazard to families with children. Anthony meets the operators of the property, Denise and her son, Jake. He learns that the mother and son lease the hotel from an offsite owner. They are not bringing in a profit, and they are really throwing money into something they really don't know how to operate. Jake only works there part-time, and Denise rarely leaves her desk or interacts with guests. She seems to simply ignore the problems. Their lack of management experience has led to a bare bones housekeeping crew. Three women handle breakfast service, laundry, and housekeeping duties when they should have ten. Anthony is later appalled to discover the staff is paid by the room, and not by the hour, so the focus is on quantity, not on quality. As a result, guest rooms are in desperate need of a deep cleaning. He finds dust on the walls, outdated furniture, and unsanitary Jacuzzi tubs. The one redeeming element in the room he inspects - the stone fireplace - still has ashes in it. Anthony even finds a thong inside the mattress, along with several other items under the bed. He tasks new 'HI' designer Stacy Cohen to update the room's décor as he figures out a way to address the housekeeping issues. The lease is up for renewal in a few days, but with so many issues, Anthony has grave concerns for Denise & Jake, as well as the hotel's financial future. Can Anthony help this family restructure its housekeeping practices and renegotiate the lease to make the resort profitable and a success?

Sweating Bullets in Panama

Anthony heads south to the beautiful coast of Panama to the 48-room Las Olas Resort. Before Anthony can even reach Las Olas, his taxi breaks down, leaving him hitchhiking down a dusty road and riding in on a tractor. His strange shuttle to the hotel has him outdoors in extreme heat, which prompts Anthony to jump into the pool in his suit. While in the water he notices the resort has an unattended swim-up bar, plenty of beach, and an enormous dining room and bar. But it is clearly not living up to its full potential: Occupancy is low, guest rooms are outdated, and the pool area is neglected. The owners are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars every year just to keep the doors open. This remote region of Panama is rapidly developing and Las Olas can't afford to lose any money or guests. After starting a business in America, Juan Arauz returned to his native Panama 15 years ago to develop this resort as a way of securing land from his childhood. However, the resort is not properly managed. Furniture surrounding the pool deck is dingy and shrubbery is overgrown. The iron-rich water leaves a slick film on bathroom tile surfaces. The resort is not a comfortable place to be. The on-site restaurant has a menu that's too big, leading to high food costs and unnecessary waste. The resort cannot afford to lose more money from the kitchen, so Anthony brings in a local chef to streamline the menu and improve the food. Anthony tours the adjacent family farm with Juan and suggests Agri-tourism packages. This is an upcoming trend in tourism, and guests can see where their food originates. Anthony also invites Hector, a bar consultant who bartends at Miami's Fontainebleau five star hotel, to revitalize the pool bar using farm-fresh ingredients, so he can sell guests not just drinks, but an experience. Anthony also tasks designer Lauren Makk with modernizing a guest room and transforming the pool area into luxurious cabanas. Finally, Anthony spearheads a partnership with a taxi company so guests will have reliable transportation to and from the resort. Despite all the improvements, will the Las Olas Resort evolve enough to be a desirable location for Panama's escalating tourism?

Dirty Water Falls

Anthony heads to Niagara Falls, NY to save the Waldorf Niagara Hotel. The 55-room hotel features an indoor pool and an Italian restaurant, and it's also walking distance from Terrapin Point, one of the best spots to see the falls from the U.S. side. The property is filthy and neglected. Occupancy is low, and several hotels are under construction nearby, threatening to shut down the Waldorf in less than a year. Anthony enters a drab lobby and learns that the property was once a branded hotel but lost its franchise because of issues with housekeeping. While inspecting a guest room, he is greeted by a disgusting smelly carpet. There are stains on the mattress and evidence of bedbugs. Chase, the bedbug dog, finds 12 of the 55 rooms infested. Exterminators use heaters which bring the rooms up to 135° and instantaneously kill bedbugs. Owner, Filippo, is $2 million in debt. His reluctance to spend money is straining his relationship with Joe, the General Manager. The fire control panel has been neglected: Joe pulls the fire alarm and nothing happens. Even though he could go to jail for a faulty fire panel, Filippo does not spend the money to get it fixed. The rift between Owner and GM is wider than Niagara Falls itself. If they want to succeed, Anthony needs to bring them together and get them on the same page. A hotel real estate agent with fifty years experience appraises the property. Despite Filippo's investments, it's only worth a fraction of the money he put into it. In order to increase occupancy and its value, they must improve the quality of the rooms and cater to families looking for affordable rooms in the summer. Anthony tasks designer Anne Rue with not only renovating the lobby, but also with making over five guest rooms, which will help prepare the hotel for the summer season. Since the Waldorf Niagara isn't a 5-star hotel, it shouldn't have a 5-star name, so Anthony presents new signage for the "Terrapin Inn." With all the issues and the conflict within upper management, will it be enough to compete with the newer hotels being built in the surrounding area?

Bite Me

Before Anthony can inspect the 40-room Country Barn Motel in NH, he calls in help to exterminate bed bugs. The 3 owners argue & don't want to hear what Anthony has to say, but this place is about to turn back into an actual barn.

Fix Your Kicks on Route 66

Anthony road trips along one of America's most iconic highways, historic Route 66, to help 3 properties. He visits an outdated motel, a former bordello that's a restored inn, a struggling RV park and various roadside attractions.

To Be or Not To Be

Anthony is in Utah, home of the Shakespeare Festival, to help the struggling Stratford Court Hotel, sitting at the center of the town. With help from the community, can Anthony prevent a Shakespearean tragedy at this hotel?

Not ANice Hotel

Anthony visits Orlando, where he discovers that the 350-room Anice Inn & Suites is anything but nice. After finding killer bees, bedbugs, mold & feral cats, can Anthony force an owner to invest in fixing all the issues?

The Big Sleazy

Anthony visits a boutique hotel in historic, tourist-heavy New Orleans and finds mistreated employees, ridiculous cost-cutting policies and dangerous conditions. Can he persuade a stubborn owner to sell the hotel to her sons for a fresh start?

Getting Screwed

When Anthony hits the booming oil town of Williston, ND, and sees that the Missouri Flats Inn isn't treating its guests well, he decides to do something he's never done before.

Clearing the Heir

Anthony heads to Moclips, WA, to help the family-run Ocean Crest Resort. With guest rooms reminiscent of a ’70s sitcom and an heir who seems completely clueless, the hotel needs Anthony to prepare the next generation to sell it or save it.

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