Hang 'em High

Hang em' High coasters electrify by dangling riders below the tracks. Which coaster will soar above the competition - Orlando's Manta, Idaho's Aftershock, Virginia's Alpengeist, or Tampa Bay's Montu? Get ready for a head-to-head clash between four sky-high inverted roller coasters in one gravity-defying category called Hang'em High. These four coasters will literally send you head-over-heels with your feet dangling in mid-air, giving you a sense of free-flight like nothing else. Feel the weightlessness of an underwater creature gliding through the sea on Manta at Sea World Orlando, take a ride on the earth-shaking inverted monster that is Aftershock at Silverwood Theme Park in northern Idaho, experience what it's like to be a runaway ski lift on Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Virginia, and fly through the air on Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Fans all across the country have voted and we will find out which airborne coaster is the ruler of the skies!

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