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Archaeology and anthropology expert Dr. Jeff Rose sets out on a personal journey through the Holy Land to explore the stories and myths from the bible and other ancient texts through archaeology and modern detective work. Jeff is in essence traveling as a biblical anthropologist - a Legend Hunter in search of every scrap of evidence he can find to understand these stories and the culture of those who wrote them. How does the description of those featured in these stories compare to what archaeologists are finding on the ground? Jeff hopes to separate myth from reality and gain a clearer picture of the ancient times. For Dr. Jeff Rose, a rising star in the field of ancient Middle Eastern Archaeology, a lifelong interest in these mysteries has grown into a professional obsession. For him, the thousands of years' worth of writings and traditions are windows into the world of the men and women who experienced the Biblical Age first hand. And it is his mission to use modern science and an investigative eye to see this world through their eyes, to reveal what may well be the original catastrophic event that inspired countless flood myths across the ancient world, to discover what ancient Jewish religious practices can tell us about the family life of Jesus, or to locate the ancient lost cities of Sodom and Gomorrah through the trail of clues from scripture and modern archaeology. Jeff's quest will keep him on the move across the millennia and across the world. No stone (tool, tablet, or temple) will be left unturned.

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