Aliens, UFOs and the Enigma

The Distortion Unlimited crew is excited to be working on a big installation for the UFO Museum in Roswell, NM. They'll be crafting four aliens and a mechanized flying saucer set in a 'landscape' of their creation. Jordu comes to Greeley to create the perfect 'grey alien' creature for the project. Also on his list is constructing a mask for shock performer 'the Enigma,' who comes to Greeley to have Jordu do a life cast. This casting process will give an exact likeness of the Enigma that Jordu will use as a mold to produce Halloween masks that look exactly like this very unique individual. They can only hope the Enigma doesn't have any issues with claustrophobia since dental alginate will be poured all over his face and will need to set for several minutes. Some find this difficult to handle and freak out. Things start to unravel as the spaceship for the Roswell install doesn't go well. Mike and Ryan struggle with the pie shaped pieces that are not fitting together properly. Of course they finally get them together, albeit in a bit of a ragged edged way. The alien bodies are being sculpted but, as always, the Distortions team is under the gun trying to get the visitors from outer space finished in time for their trip to Roswell. Jordu also has a surprise assignment "in his spare time" to sculpt three examples of pointed ears for Ed, who has been contemplating having plastic surgery for years, but not before speaking to Marsha about Ed's strange desire. Jordu and Marsha both agree that Ed should drop this crazy idea.

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